The Urbanist’s Paris: Talking Points

Pont des Arts.Photo: John Kieffer/Getty Images

Trouble at Le Monde
The first female editor-in-chief of the paper, Natalie Nougayrède, resigned (the same day Jill Abramson left the Times) after employees revolted over her management style. Defenders argue that she was pushed out by a male-dominated staff.

Love Lockdown
Padlocks inscribed with lovers’ initials are weighing down Paris bridges (a section of one actually just collapsed), prompting two Americans to campaign against them. Now the new mayor is seeking a bridge-less home to display the locks.

Opposition to same-sex marriage was more fervent than many might have expected here, and anti-gay attacks have been on the rise.

The Power of Le Pen
Following the strong showing of Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigrant Front National in the European elections, students took to the streets with signs reading, “Dear Europe, We Are Sorry.”

The Urbanist’s Paris: Talking Points