Top 5 Up-and-coming Chefs

Take RootPhoto: Courtesy of Take Root

Fung Tu
22 Orchard St., nr. Hester St.; 212-219-8785
At this willfully sophisticated Chinatown gem, Jonathan Wu serves up a $13 egg roll stuffed with two kinds of Mediterranean olives, among other non-Chinatown ingredients, and served with a bowl of citrus-tinged mayonnaise for dipping.

160 Havemeyer St., nr. S. 2nd St., No. 5; 718-782-3474
This restaurant offers emphatically seasonal, highly personal cooking, and dishes that showcase vegetables and relegate animal proteins to supporting-role status from chefs José Ramírez-Ruiz and Pamela Yung.

Take Root
187 Sackett St., nr. Henry St., Carroll Gardens; 347-227-7116
Chef Elise Kornack and her wife, Anna Hieronimus, oversee literally every detail of this 12-seat contemporary American restaurant.

46-63 Metropolitan Ave., nr. Woodward Ave., Ridgewood; 718-386-4282
It’s a trek, but the quasi-tropical, slapdash charm of this Vietnamese restaurant and the enticing (and cheap — all dishes are less than $20) menu by chef Jimmy Tu make Bunker worth the journey.

239 W. Broadway, nr. White St.; 212-219-2777
Enjoy two- to four-course prix fixe menus, prepared by Australian chef Markus Glocker, in a comfortably sophisticated setting.

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Top 5 Up-and-coming Chefs