Top 5 Delis

Katz's Deli.Photo: Photo: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Artie’s Delicatessen
2290 Broadway, at 82nd St.; 212-579-5959
Thoughtful takes on staples like carefully cured pastrami served by waitresses who seem like they’ve been working the counter for decades, even though it’s only been open since 1999.

Carnegie Deli
854 Seventh Ave., at 55th St.; 212-757-2245
This Old World deli charges $29.99 for a Reuben—albeit one with about a pound of corned beef and Swiss cheese.

205 E. Houston St., at Ludlow St.; 212-254-2246
This legendary orgasmic deli (see Meg Ryan’s performance in When Harry Met Sally) is also the only place in town that still carves all its pastrami and corned beef by hand.

2nd Avenue Deli
162 E. 33rd St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-689-9000
1442 First Ave., nr. 75th St.; 212-737-1700

It’s not on Second Avenue anymore, but everything else is the same at this kosher deli, once ranked as the best in the Lower East Side. (Now it’s the best in Murray Hill and the Upper East Side.)

Carve Unique Sandwiches
760 Eighth Ave., at 47th St.; 212-730-4949
A theater-district takeout shop with a menu of carved-to-order rotisserie meats, such as Virginia ham and turkey, and quirky combinations like the “steak house”: herb-roasted beef with iceberg lettuce, tomato, crisp onions, crunchy hash browns, and blue-cheese dressing on ciabatta.

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Top 5 Delis