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Best of New York Food 2003

Best Cheap Eat

  • Burger Joint

    118 West 57th Street in Le Parker Meridien Hotel, 212-708-7414

    "The best burger in town for only $4.50 (and that includes the sales tax!). My biggest problem is stopping myself from going everyday and having a burger, fries, Sam Adams beer, and a brownie, all for $10." —samjones, Upper East Side. "Have you every had a good burger which was cheap. Well this is the place. You can have a full meal for $8 bucks, and that includes a beer." —sunnyside, Queens.

  • Republic

    37 Union Square West, 212-627-7172

    "Delicious. It has great food and great service for not too much $moolah$. Their pad thai is excellent, as is their spicy coconut chicken, and spicy beef. Go for the food, service, and price." —bettys929, Brooklyn "Republic is a great cheap meal. The decor is cold but worth sitting at the cafeteria style tables for the helpful, quick service." —jle321, Hoboken

From the 2003 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine

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