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Best of New York Food 2003

Best Hot Chocolates

The chocoholic’s guide to the most decadent cocoa-phile creations in town.

  • Best Candy Bar

    The Ultimate Candy Bar at Garrison Confections

    119 West 23rd Street,By appointment only; 212-929-2545

    Part Milky Way, part Snickers—but infinitely better than both—this nostalgic nougat bar is studded with roasted pistachios, hazelnuts, and almonds; topped with caramel; and cloaked in dark chocolate decorated with designs like an Asian leaf motif or a Milky Way–esque galaxy.

  • Best Brownie

    City Bakery

    3 West 18th Street, 212-366-1414

    Dense, fudgy, and delicious, Maury Rubin’s reclusive brownies make periodic appearances on City Bakery’s pastry counter (and a cameo on Sex and the City). Get ’em while the getting’s good.

  • Best Tart

    Chocolate Tart at Craft

    43 East 19th Street, 212-780-0880

    The only thing better than Karen DeMasco’s silky, custardy chocolate tart at Craftbar is the rich, fudgy one she serves warm at Craft next door. Chocolate freaks, though, can have it both ways at Craft, where DeMasco serves bite-size versions of the Craftbar tart as petits fours.

  • Best Cookie

    The Chocolate Mudslide Cookie at Jacques Torres Chocolate

    66 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY; 718-875-9772

    On Saturdays, Dumbo’s premiere chocolatier bakes éclairs, pithiviers, and these astoundingly chewy, chocolatey, walnut-studded marvels that achieve the proper mudlike consistency after a minute in the microwave.

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