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Best of New York Food 2004

Best Short Ribs

  • Daniel

    60 East 65th Street, 212-288-0033

    You can rave about it all you want, but Daniel Bouludís celebrated DB burger is a big, fat, mouthwatering cheat. Oh, itís scrumptious, but it sure isnít the ground sirloin youíre cooing over. Itís the foie gras, the truffles, the Parmesan bun, and, more than anything else, the braised short ribs inside. So use your head and book a table at Daniel, where Bouludís extraordinary, sumptuously juicy red-wine-braised ribs almost get the focus and credit they deserve. Why almost? Because even here, the great chef hedges his adept common touch by pairing it with a peppered filet mignon. Worse things could happen..

From the 2004 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine

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