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Manhattan Restaurants continued

Brooklyn Diner USA
212 W. 57th St., near Seventh Ave.
It’s comfort-food heaven: Big, brash, Brooklyn-size portions of exuberantly non-diet Americana like pigs-in-a-blanket and too-rich-to-finish macaroni and cheese. Dodgers memorabilia dominates the atmosphere. (M)

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ
1644 Third Ave., at 92nd St.
1485 Second Ave., near 77th St.
428 Amsterdam Ave., near 80th St.
Children under 12 eat free off the kids’ menu at these surprisingly good southern BBQ restaurants, where huge portions reign and postcollegiate frat boys come to prolong their glory days. For better or worse, the bar and TV scene is so loud that you can’t hear your own kids scream. (I–M)

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
1501 Broadway, at 44th St. 212-391-7100 You gotta try this place once. It’s loud, it’s huge, and it’s definitely Times Square. The food is a combination of Cajun and seafood (do you remember what Bubba loved to catch?). There’s a good children’s menu; you signal the waitress with a “Stop, Forrest, Stop” sign; and don’t even ask what happens if they find out you’ve never seen the movie. It’s best to ask for Mama Gump’s private room so you can have a little sanity. (M)

The comfort food at Bubby's is a perennial family favorite. (Photo Credit: Kristine Larsen)

Bubby’s Pie Co.
120 Hudson St., at N. Moore St.
1 Main St., at Plymouth St., Dumbo, Brooklyn
The kitchen at Bubby’s is slowly becoming more sophisticated, but what this Tribeca favorite still does best is simple food. Grown-ups and kids love the salads, potato pancakes, and the fluffy buttermilk biscuits, not to mention the mac and cheese, fries, and chicken fingers. The restaurant’s origin as an actual pie company means the desserts are fabulous. A giant new Dumbo location extends the franchise to Brooklyn. (M)

Cafe Con Leche
726 Amsterdam Ave., near 96th St.
424 Amsterdam Ave., near 81st St.
The kids love the fried plantains, the waitresses love the kids, and you’ll love the caipirinhas, mojitos, and yummy batidas. Insiders’ tip: Paella for two is enough to feed one adult and two kids, and it’s saffron-free, so even finicky kids will actually eat it. (I–M)

Café Un Deux Trois
123 W. 44th St., near Sixth Ave.
Always a safe bet for a pre- or post-theater family outing, Café Un Deux Trois serves predictable French favorites like French onion soup, salade niçoise, and steak-frites, with a side order of butcher paper and crayons for the little ones. (M–E)

Capsouto Frères
451 Washington St., at Watts St.
This downtown bistro is a tryst magnet and might not seem like a family spot, but if you’re looking to introduce your kids to fine dining, this is the place to do it. The setting is lovely, the service accommodating, and the soufflés legendary. They’ll even make special dishes for children. (M–E)

2450 Broadway, near 90th St.
200 W. 44th St., near Broadway
Great for an entire New York family (and, judging by the tourist load, every other family from here to the boondocks), Carmine’s serves up heaping platters of red-sauced, family-style pastas and parmigianas at bargain prices. No one leaves without a doggie bag. (I–M)

Carnegie Deli
854 Seventh Ave., at 55th St.
Your child’s New York education isn’t complete until he or she has tried to finish a Carnegie sandwich. A local icon where many a kid has been introduced to his or her first corned-beef and pastrami. (M)

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide