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Parties: Entertainers Continued

King Henry Entertainment
His Highness has something to entertain even the most jaded tots: puppeteers, magicians, costumed characters, singing clowns and storytellers are among the offerings. They run the gamut, from small affairs to grand carnivals with large live animals. From $150 to $2,000.

Larry Siegel Music & Entertainment
Larry Siegel has a wide network of musical entertainers at his disposal, from country-and-western soloists to Dixieland bands to calypso steel-drummers. But he can also hook you up with something more traditional, like a clown, animal-balloon maker, or face-painter. Prices start at $200 and go up to $2,000.

Madeleine the Magician
Performing as either a clown magician or a tuxedoed prestidigitator working with live doves, Madeleine will magically suspend kids in midair. Having performed for J. K. Rowling, this twenty-year veteran also does balloon animals, face-painting, and sing-alongs. Prices range from $300 to $5,000.

Magical Musical Marion
Posing as a clown or character (a magical princess is a favorite), the Manhattan-based Marion entertains little ones with magic tricks, singing and dancing, face-painting, flute playing, and balloon animals. Prices start at $215 for 45 minutes; additional time is discounted.

Magical Nights Inc.
Offering a network of world-class magicians for all ages, Magical Nights’ roster includes tricksters from Manhattan’s Off Broadway “Monday Night Magic” shows. One popular act, R. J. Lewis, pulls coins from the air and wows with his ventriloquism. Prices from $400 to $1,500.

Marcia the Musical Moose
Marcia’s specialties include guitar sing-alongs, simple and silly magic, and puppetry with themes such as magical forest, underwater world, the barnyard, the jungle, and dinosaurs. Best suited for kids ages 1 to 7; starting at $295.

Mozart for Children
Debbie Surowicz introduces kids ages 16 months to 7 years to the world of classical music though hand puppets, instruments, and choreographed dances. She’ll even bring in a variety of musicians (trombonists, flutists, violinists) who will set stories to music. One hour of entertainment starts at $250.

PM Amusements
914-937-1188 or 800-336-5853
If you have the space for a small-scale birthday carnival (be it at home, a hotel, or a park), PM Amusements will deliver just about any amusement-park rental: pinball machines, snack carts, inflatable bouncing moonwalkers, dunk tanks, helicopter rides, carousels, and the like. Arcade games are a specialty.

Professor Putter & His Gadgetorium
With a red bow tie, Einstein looks, and lots of wacky toys and games, Michael Makman (who got his start on Romper Room) performs a magic show in the guise of a scientist showing off his latest inventions. The 45-to-60-minute show costs $350; Makman stays at Manhattan parties for an extra hour to mingle with the kids and gives each a personalized poster.

Silly Billy/Dr. Blood
David Kaye’s Silly Billy comedic magic act for kids ages 3 to 8 is perfectly goofy, but it’s his alter ego, Dr. Blood, who’s created a unique niche in horror birthday parties for older kids (ages 7–11). In a blood-drenched lab coat and scrubs, he gouges his eye out, skewers his tongue, cuts off his arm, and then power-saws the birthday boy in half. Afterward, he’ll teach kids how to do the gory tricks themselves, and give them each a Dr. Blood kit. Starting at $450.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide