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Portraits: Photographers continued

Marian Goldman Photography
36 W. 20th St., sixth fl.
When Finding Nemo hit the box office, Marian Goldman went to see it for work reasons: “I like to understand what kids at a certain age are into,” she says. Patient and flexible, she’ll travel to your home or a place of your choice. Sessions start at $500, not including film or prints.

Nina Drapacz Photography
500 E. 85th St., at York Ave., Ste. 14C
A former apprentice to world-famous photographer Richard Avedon, Nina Drapacz puts priority on capturing a child’s personality—something beyond a smile. Drapacz specializes in hand-tinting, a popular option that uses oil paints applied to a warm-toned print, and will shoot in her studio or outdoors. Packages start at $575, and include film, contact sheets, three eight-by-ten prints, and two five-by-seven prints.

Paloma Sendrey Photography
An L.A. native who began with head shots, Paloma Sendrey shoots families, kids, and maternity in sepia, black-and-white, and color. A full session with 35-mm. cameras, at your home or in parks, lasts 90 minutes to two hours, resulting in two rolls ($350). From September through October, she hosts Fall Park days in Central Park, where she’ll shoot 30-minute mini-sessions ($175; one roll) for families who want their holiday cards done quickly and well.

Philippe Cheng
180 Varick St., near King St., Studio 416
Philippe Cheng shoots outside, using natural light, and absolutely nothing about his work is formal or staid. He aims for images that look fresh and lively, capturing the personality and mood of each child. Prices start at $2,500, including fifteen rolls of film and processing, plus ten eight-by-ten prints.

Sarah Merians Photography & Co.
104 Fifth Ave., near 16th St., fourth fl.
Sarah Merians and her team of photographers have been shooting New York families for more than eighteen years. From photojournalism to classic portraiture, Merians produces vibrant images. Kids can listen to their favorite tunes during the session. Plus, children’s images are produced digitally as well as with film, so parents can see them online. Prices start at $200; prints are extra.

Sebastian Thaw Photography
111 Fourth Ave., near 11th St., Ste. 4A
Sebastian Thaw began producing family portraits ten years ago. His approach is simple, employing a variety of different cameras, including an old thirties four-by-five camera that has a beautiful selective focus, which adds a highly evocative and moody quality. Thaw also offers his clients the option of digitizing the photos and putting them on a DVD set to music. Packages start at $500, and include three rolls of film and four-by-six proofs. Enlargements cost extra.

Sharon Schuster
147 W. 15th St., near Sixth Ave., No. 100
Sharon Schuster homes in on her subject’s personality, and particularly enjoys shooting in black-and-white. One of her specialties is producing portraits of expectant mothers. Schuster has her own studio, but will also travel to any New York–area location. Photos can be displayed online; prices start at $500, and include three rolls of film and four-by-six prints.

Sue Barr excels at vivid, candid shots of kids. She prefers to take photos outside the home, but the location is your choice. A photo shoot with up to four family members, including at least 50 photos, runs $750; pregnancy shoots (including one session in your third trimester and two postpartum) is $1,250.

Syndie Michele
Working primarily in black-and-white and applying an antiquing process to the final product, this established photographer (along with her partner, Stephen Salmieri) takes high-caliber photos that have often been reproduced for books and postcard series. Sessions run from $750 to $1,500.

Todd Liebler
89 Nevins St., downtown Brooklyn
With a background in documentary and feature-film photography, Todd Liebler specializes in comfortable, natural portraits of children taken outside the studio. A one-child, outdoor session including two rolls of film and one eight-by-ten print starts at $250; indoor shoots are from $350.

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From the Fall 2004 edition of the New York Family Guide