4 Music Festivals That Are Better Than Burning Man

Carnaval de Bahidorá. Photo: mipatosemurio/Instagram

Festival-circuit regular Allie Silver of music management firm Free Radical Productions shares her favorite new international fêtes.

Festival Nómade

February 10–15. Osorno Province, Chile

“It’s held on the coast of Chile in a sacred Mapuche reserve, and festivalgoers trek through a rain forest to a hidden indigenous community, where they can stay with the locals. You can expect to find yourself at an all-night barefoot dance party on the beach followed by sunrise yoga on no sleep. There are no borders between the musicians — like the Argentine singer Balvina Ramos — and the audience.”

Carnaval de Bahidorá

February 20 and 21. Morelos, Mexico

“There’s a lazy river that runs through this 24-hour party where De La Soul and Modelselektor played last year; you can swim between the grass dance floor and the DJ booth. And there are these secret events where they just grab people and take them to a hidden mezcal ceremony.”

Radio Meuh Circus Festival

March 30–April 3. La Clusaz, France

“This festival takes place in a mountain town nestled in the Alps. Hit the mountain during the day; come down to the circus tents at night to see musicians like La Yegros and DJ Osunlade. A snowplow brought us to the mountainside after-party with a jaw-dropping view.”

Further Future

April 29–May 1. Moapa River Indian Reservation, Nevada

“If you feel Burning Man has jumped the shark, this is a good alternative. You can still feel like you’re in a postapocalyptic dance rave. Similar music (its first edition featured Hundred Waters and Bob Moses) same crowd, same free spirit, and an incredible location, with the stunning backdrop of the Mojave Desert.”


4 Music Festivals That Are Better Than Burning Man