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As told to Katie Charles

Mary French
The Waldorf-Astoria
“It was very quiet. It was me, my father”the keeper of the schedule”and the stylist. I just wanted to look like me. Because I think my hair looks great on a daily basis.”

Photo: Brian Dorsey

Matt Kamen
Harborfront Inn
Greenport, Long Island

“I made a production out of getting ready”I had a proper shave, making sure to steam my face first. I took my time and made everything perfect. I didn’t even let my groomsmen in the bathroom so they wouldn’t jostle me.”

Photo: Alexander Berg

Julie Taras Wallach
60 Thompson Hotel
“I know I don’t look blissful here. I think I was just determined; like, Get this dress on and go! I panicked a little”we were behind schedule and the fake hairpiece I had on wasn’t working out.”

Photo: Racquel Reis

Adam Baruchowitz
Osborn Castle Garrison, N.Y.
“It took me ten attempts to knot my tie”that’s when I realized how nervous I was.”

Photo: Jeff Tishman

Suzii Chan
The London Hotel
“My maid of honor and sister buttoned me up”they had to switch off because there were so many buttons. They knew exactly what they were doing; my maid of honor came to every fitting. I would’ve burst into tears if I hadn’t been worried about ruining my makeup.”

Photo: Brian Dorsey

Scott Heiferman
Wainwright House
Rye, N.Y.

“It only dawned on me an hour before the wedding that it would be a good idea to say a few words at the reception. To give a good speech, you have to get into preacher mode. I gave a toast at a best friend’s wedding and got into full-blown televangelist mode. I wanted a hallelujah and an amen.”

Photo: Dave Robbins

Curtis Jewell
The University Club
“I wore my late grandfather’s pocket watch to the wedding. I decided to give all my groomsmen pocket watches, too. We drank some Scotch together and I gave a toast about what the men in my life mean to me.”

Photo: Josephine Sittenfeld

Rebekah Browder
Belvedere Mansion
Staatsburg, N.Y.

“I chose an easy dress that I could throw on like a nightgown. It was Empire-waist so I didn’t have to worry about what I was eating. I didn’t even wear a bra.”

Photo: Dave Robbins

Gillian Laub
The Angel Orensanz Foundation
“I was trying to be graceful, but I totally tripped going up the stairs. I was wearing Christian Louboutin five-inch heels and I stepped on my dress. I tripped again going up to the chuppa.”

Photo: Christophe Tedjasukmana

Rabia Sarwar
Gotham Hall
“South Asian makeup artists tend to give brides a caked, over-the-top appearance. I had a more natural look, but it wasn’t overpowered by the jewelry and the clothes, which came from Pakistan.”

Photo: Farnaz K

The Day Of