Formal Gala in the East Forties

Victoria Brewer & Bill Brazell
Saint Bartholomew’s Church and the Harvard Club of New York City
September 13, 2008

Bill had read about the restaurant One If By Land, Two If By Sea and its reputation as a hot spot for wedding proposals. “I made a mental note of it as a place not to go,” he recalls. “You bring someone there and you could give the wrong impression!” That was years before he met Victoria. After just six months of dating her—they met on after his brother persuaded him to join—it was no longer a question of if but when. Bill was going to propose at Tabla, where they’d had their second date, but it was closed for a wedding. “Once I decided to ask her to marry me I felt this wind at my back; I couldn’t wait to do it,” he explains. “I remembered One If By Land … and I decided to go for it.” Victoria knew of the restaurant’s notoriety: “We hadn’t been dating long, so when I found out we were going there, I didn’t think, Oh I’m getting engaged tonight. There was just no way.” The instant Victoria said yes, Champagne arrived as if on cue. “When we asked our waiter if this happened all the time, he told us, completely unfazed, that there had been 20 that week.”

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Bride’s Gown: Melissa Sweet
Groom’s Tuxedo: After Six
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: J. Crew
Hair & Makeup: Akira for Kenneth Salon; Olga Vykrest
Flowers: Coco & T. Florals and Events
Bouquet Ribbon:
Cootie-Catchers: Kat’s Krafts,
Cake: Ron Ben-Israel
Band: Around Town Entertainment
Officiant: Bruce Forbes

Victoria Brewer and
Bill Brazell “That day, the morning of our wedding, Bill had his bachelor party”a historical walking tour of downtown New York.” Photo: Autumn Lin

“We had a really lovely cocktail hour, then a sit-down meal. Initially, Bill was reluctant to have the wedding at the Harvard Club, because he was worried his relatives would find it stodgy”but they loved it. It was close to the church, and they do everything for you.” Photo: Autumn Lin

“I knew I wanted to get married at Saint Bart’s. It’s the church I grew up in; the minister who married us also baptized me and my brothers.” Photo: Autumn Lin

“Our colors were green and brown. Shirley, our florist, is very unassuming”she’s done a lot of work for hip-hop stars. I was like, ‘You’re going to get a kick out of this Wasp-y wedding.’” Photo: Autumn Lin

“We got customized “cootie-catchers’ and filled them with questions we often get asked, like, ‘How tall is Bill? Six-feet-six. The Yankees or the Mets? The Red Sox …’ and so on. We thought they’d be fun conversation starters, so we scattered them on all the tables.” Photo: Autumn Lin

“One of the band’s singers jumped offstage and did a dance to “Sex Machine.’ They did an excellent job of getting the energy up and keeping it there.” Photo: Autumn Lin

Formal Gala in the East Forties