Retro Party Beside the River

Yuli Hsu & Keith Fisher
The Beaver Del Hotel & Campground, East Branch, N.Y.
September 20, 2008

A shared passion for Argentine tango led Yuli and Keith to cross paths. “We’d see each other at the milongas—these late-night tango dance parties held around the city,” Keith says. It took three years for them to finally get together, and four more to get engaged. “Argentine tango’s golden age was in the twenties and thirties—we’re obviously into that era,” he says. So it follows that they had a vintage-themed reception along the Delaware River, just two hours from the city. “Friends had recently bought an old hunting-and-fishing camp turned hotel built in the thirties. We fell in love with it.” The newlyweds’ first dance? “Words of Love,” by Buddy Holly—reworked for a tango, of course.

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Bride’s Gown: Cymbeline
Hair Accessory: Which Goose,
Groom’s Suit: Made to Measure by Paul Stuart
Groomsmen’s Vests: Paul Fredrick
Caterer: Full Moon Resort
Cupcakes: Baked
Flowers: Saipua
Band: Charismatic Megafauna
D.J.: Your Friend Dave

Yuli Hsu and Keith Fisher The couple pose for their formal portrait beside the Delaware River. Photo: Robert Sukrachand

“We named our tables after old romantic films”table numbers were mini-movie posters we found online. We Photoshopped the escort cards to look like 1930s ticket stubs and displayed them inside an antique creamery crate.” Photo: Robert Sukrachand

“We’re not into the big wedding cake, and the grand, formal cutting just interrupts the party. So we had cupcakes from a place in Red Hook, and a giant wedding-reception cookie table”which is Keith’s family and friends’ Western Pennsylvania thing. This is what they do. They make batches of them; they literally arrive in vans full of cookies.” Photo: Robert Sukrachand

“Our friend is in an old-time roots band”it’s him, a husband and wife, and their three children”that plays folky swing music on the ukulele, accordion, steel guitar… We had them play during the ceremony (our recessional was the Beatles’ “When I’m Sixty-Four’), cocktail hour, and dinner. We also had a D.J. spin everything from sixties funk to New Wave.” Photo: Robert Sukrachand

“We had about 30 kids at the wedding; we made a bonfire for them so they could roast s’mores. At midnight after all the dancing, we re-lit the fire and we sat around it, drinking beer, laughing.” Photo: Robert Sukrachand

Retro Party Beside the River