Offbeat Brooklyn Affair

Melissa Laux & Vincent Holleran
Montauk Club, Park Slope
April 4, 2009

A shared passion for indie music—their first date was a Rapture show, their second was the Shins— and design brought Melissa and Vince together, so it was only fitting that their wedding celebration be full of their personalities: an elaborate flag featuring their initials woven into a skull and crossbones, hand-selected cheese plates at every table, a zine as their save the date, and some very inspired clothing decisions. “I was walking around in the meatpacking district and saw this crazy headpiece in the window,” says Melissa. “I had to have it, so I selected the dress based on what would go with it.” Vince’s vision was just as specific. “I wanted a look that was rude boy crossed with seventies punk,” he says. “I brought photos of Elvis Costello and the Specials to the tailor so he could get the cut right.” Though neither had pondered the exact details of their dream wedding prior to the engagement, one topic had been discussed. “We always liked the notion of a wedding being about a great party, more than the rituals associated with it,” Vince says.


Bride’s Gown: Amy Kuschel
Hair Accessory: Malis-Henderson
Groom’s Suit: Paul Smith
Cheese Plates: Saxelby Cheesemongers
D.J.’s: Emily Ryan and Michael Goodstein
Calligraphy: Tara Jones

Melissa Laux &
Vincent Holleran Photo: Weddings by Two

Melissa Laux &
Vincent Holleran Their unique save-the-date. Photo: Weddings by Two

Melissa Laux &
Vincent Holleran “We had a dessert table from One Girl Cookie. We had whoopie pies, black-and-whites, macarons, marshmallows …” Photo: Weddings by Two

Melissa Laux &
Vincent Holleran “Our venue was totally magical. It felt fancy but not stuffy, and it has a worn-in quality that we liked. We didn’t realize there was going to be that good of a venue in Brooklyn; we assumed we’d have to go to the city to find something cool.” Photo: Weddings by Two

Offbeat Brooklyn Affair