Rustic Country Celebration

Karen Hill & Frank Marshal
Brewster, New York
October 19, 2008

When Karen, a photographer, and Frank, her Southern-born boyfriend (and artistic collaborator) of twelve years decided to make things official, the old fixer-upper that they had bought upstate in 2006 quickly became the natural choice for the occasion. The unusual day—a Sunday—selected itself, too. “A lot of our friends are wedding photographers, and it was important to us that they not be stressed about missing a job, so we decided on a Sunday afternoon in the fall,” Karen recalls. She scoured antique shops for vases and apothecary jars to use in the décor—“I collected silver vases for two years just for the wedding,” she adds. When the day arrived, the 48 guests sat on precut stumps in the backyard under a willow tree for the quiet, emotional ceremony (Karen’s mother married them). The group included no less than six wedding photographers. “They were all in competition to get the best picture,” Frank laughs.


Bride’s Gown: Badgley Mischka
Caterer: Bridge Creek Catering
Videographer: Valerie Barnes
Guest Book: Rag & Bone Bindery
Save-the-Date Bird Envelopes: Anthropologie

Karen Hill &
Frank Marshal Photo: Julie Skarratt

Karen Hill &
Frank Marshal “We bought the flowers online, and that was really a leap of faith. They accidentally sent the first batch to a Karen Hill in Oklahoma. Luckily they sent new ones the next day and everything was fine.” Photo: Julie Skarratt

Karen Hill &
Frank Marshal “Years ago, Frank gave me a framed sepia-toned photograph of a birdhouse in a tree. When I started planning the wedding, I thought that sentimental nesting image could be a theme.” Photo: Julie Skarratt

Karen Hill &
Frank Marshal “The invitations had a birdhouse on the cover; I bought a little sparrow silhouette to trace for other things.” Photo: Julie Skarratt

Karen Hill &
Frank Marshal “Two doors down from us on our beautiful street there’s an old mansion we were able to rent. We did the ceremony and cocktails at our house, then promenaded there all together for a banquet lunch.” Photo: Julie Skarratt

Rustic Country Celebration