All About Our Mothers

Piper Weiss is the author of the forthcoming book, My Mom, The Style Icon (Chronicle Books, Spring 2011), based on her blog.

“My mother, Janine, and my father, David, were married in 1966. He was in the Marines and was home on leave. My mom’s look was so classic: a white minidress, gloves, and a headpiece from Saks. If her dress was still around, I probably would have worn it to bits already.” ” Chloë Sevigny, 35, actress

“Pictures of my mother as a bride are hard to find. According to her, the photographer was stoned and forgot to turn the flash on. The dress, however, was a home run: a snow-white angora sweater dress with pearl buttons and bell princess sleeves.” ” Piper Weiss, 31, writer

“My mom [pictured with her sister] was a 23-year-old secretary living in the city when she met my dad. They married in 1973 at the Swan Club in Long Island. Her dress had yellow trim to match her bridesmaids.” ” Brooke Posch, 32, director of comedy and animation at MTV

“My mom, Junie, and my dad, Jerry, eloped in Tulsa; she was 18 and he was 19. Even though my mom didn’t have that big dream wedding, she still looks so proud. Instead of buying a gown, she just pulled out her prettiest pink suit. They were married 46 years this January.” ” Kristin Chenoweth, 41, Tony Award”winning actress and singer

“My mom, Kathy, met my dad, Harry, in high school and married him when she turned 21. Before the wedding, she lost all her hair to a chemical overprocessing, so she had to wear a fall with a Juliet crown.” ” Aimee Raupp, 35, acupuncturist

“My mom paid $110 for a beaded, long-sleeved, cream, crepe-wool sheath dress; that was a lot of money back then. The shoes were by Stuart Weitzman, and they were $150. Her friend talked her into buying them.” ” Tracy E. Hopkins, 40, writer

“My parents met in 1969 on the way to an antiwar march. Their wedding, in 1974, was in my grandparents’ backyard. My mom wore the bridesmaid dress she had made for her sister’s wedding. The choker was a splurge.” ” Ryan Green, 30, designer

“I love the surreal seventies foreshadowing” my mother examining her ring and anticipating the rest of her life, while my father’s godlike profile looms large. Thirty-three years later, they are still beside themselves in love with each other.” ” Jess Rotter, 29, owner of label Rotter and Friends

“My mom, Ellen, was 20 and my dad, Ian, was 23 when they married in the summer of 1976. Even though she loved her dress, it went straight to Oxfam, in keeping with her life philosophy at the time.” ” Elspeth Maxwell, 27, graphic designer

“Mom had to have lace covering her arms; back then you couldn’t expose too much flesh in a Catholic church. She tossed the dress, believing that no one would want it. Needless to say, three daughters later, she regretted it.” ” Susan Miller, 31, teen librarian

“My mom’s gown cost $50. Her bridesmaids wore these floor-length black-velvet-and-red-plaid dresses. No one got her dress tailored, so all the hems were showing. I love that my mom didn’t care that things weren’t perfect.” ” Colleen Kluttz, 31, TV producer

“There aren’t really any pictures of my parents’ wedding; the photographer, a family friend, was very drunk and forgot to put the film in. Luckily, my grandfather took a few slides. My mom made the dress with my grandma. I love that it’s short”she has some hot gams. The dress is such a record of that day in 1969”pretty much the only record, in fact.” ” Kristen Schaal, 32, comedian and author of soon-to-be-released The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

“My mother was married to my father in Detroit in 1946. She borrowed the dress from her sister-in-law, so it wasn’t hers to keep. It’s a beautiful satin, but modest. It was just after the war, so it was a serious era. You can tell from their expressions that there was a heaviness to relationships at that time.” ” Sandra Bernhard, 54, comedian

All About Our Mothers