Cinematic Black-and-White Soirée

Nari Kye & Samuel Carter

Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park and Smack Mellon gallery
September 18, 2009

After making it through three costume changes, a public parade, a Korean tea ceremony, and one heartfelt serenade, Nari and Samuel missed their honeymoon flight to Mexico. But that’s what happens when your wedding is a piece of theater. The Brooklyn duo’s courtship started with a shared appreciation of Twin Peaks (they even announced their engagement on YouTube with a parody of the show). Then, inspired by Fellini’s 8 1/2, they asked guests to wear only black or white. “We wanted it to be very dramatic,” Nari explains. “Like a dream sequence.” The ceremony took place at Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, where Nari wore a replica of her mother’s wedding dress and walked down the aisle to “Rhapsody in Blue,” holding a bouquet of raw cotton. When it was time to head to the reception at Smack Mellon, “we had one big parade,” says Samuel, “with the band leading everyone out to ‘Bicycle Built for Two.’ ” Dinner was a barbecue bonanza courtesy of Hill Country, after which the couple changed into traditional Korean garb for a formal tea ceremony, before Nari donned yet another ensemble: a glam cocktail dress she collaborated on with a designer from Bensoni, in which she serenaded her groom with an original song. Its title? “Wonderful We.”

As told to Thessaly La Force.

The Details

Jewelry: Doyle & Doyle
Music: Michael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra
Hair: David Lyle Jones-Munoz of Salon de Quartier
Groom’s Suit: Ralph Lauren
Invitations: Paper Slam

Nari Kye & Samuel Carter
Photographs by Dave Robbins

“Instead of having a guest book, we set out a typewriter so people could just type their good wishes.”

Michael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra

“It wasn’t black tie, but a lot of people wore tuxes; everyone really ran with it!”

“We thought it would be really funny to have everyone dressed in evening wear, and then serve them the dirtiest food”messy, sticky barbecue. The dinner was fantastic.”

“My wedding gift to Sam was a song I wrote and performed. I made the headpiece myself.”

Cinematic Black-and-White Soirée