Come On Down

“Our ceremony took place in the desert in Yuma, Arizona. It was just us and a video camera. It was very hot and very spiritual; as artists it was something we wanted to do to celebrate our joining together. Vahap made me a dress out of dollar bills, and it took about $350, which was about as much money as we had at the time.” ” Lexy Funk, with husband Vahap Avsar, co-founders of Brooklyn Industries, married March 2006 Photo: Courtesy of Lexy Funk and Vahap Avsar.

“Growing up, I didn’t have the closest relationship with my father, so having him give me away was a testament to the bond we had worked to build. I remember my sister Leigh telling me he had waited his whole life for that special moment.”” Wendy Whelan, principal, New York City Ballet, married September 3, 2005 Photo: Giovanni Ruffino

“My daughter, Molly, gave us both away”under the condition that we promised not to have any more children.” ” Erica Jong, author, with husband, attorney Ken Burrows, married August 5, 1989Photo: Scott Matthew Osman

“We walked in together, and then walked down the aisle with our son, Bailey, afterward. Susanne’s “dress’ was by Thierry Mugler, and we were married by a gay black priest from the church of anything goes. We had 43 bridesmaids”Kate Pierson, Betsey Johnson, Karen Black, and Richie Rich, among others.” ” David Barton, gym owner, with wife, nightlife doyenne Susanne Bartsch, married May 9, 1995 Photo: Copyright Tina Paul 1995

“We got married in our garden apartment on 105th Street, which we had literally just finished renovating that morning”talk about cutting it close! My dad gave me away, and less than a year later he passed away. I was so grateful he was there for his only little girl.” ” Meredith Vieira, host of NBC’s Today, with husband, journalist and author Richard Cohen, and her parents, married June 14, 1986Photo: Courtesy of NBC

“I wanted to walk down the aisle with both my mother and father, but we didn’t fit, so my father walked behind. Maybe my dad was just being a Southern gentleman. Or maybe it was my feminist mom making sure she was doing her part to subvert patriarchal traditions!” ” Jennifer Mankins, owner of Brooklyn’s Bird boutiques, married December 31, 2005 Photo: Stella Alesi Photography

“No one really gave us away. Irwin Shaw was the witness, and we had a translator for the vows as we were told to speak them. Irwin invited all sorts of people to the luncheon afterward. It was very glamorous.” ” Nan Talese, editor and publisher, with husband, author Gay Talese (second and third from left), married in Rome June 10, 1959Photo: Courtesy of Nan and Gay Talese

“My father had passed away, but my mother was shy and a little tottery, so my best friend, Chappy Morris, walked me down the aisle. When it came time, we turned back to my mother, who was sitting in the front row, and she said, “I give my daughter, Debbie, away.’” ” Debbie Bancroft, society columnist, married September 9, 1989Photo: Eric Weiss

“Since my father was no longer alive, we gave ourselves away to each other. Dr. Ruth only semi-officiated the wedding”we had a chain-smoking judge officiate”but she’s an old friend and predicted great sex for us, and she was right!” ” Judy Licht, journalist, with husband, restaurateur and ad exec Jerry Della Femina, married February 15, 1983Photo: Courtesy of Judy Licht and Jerry Della Femina

“My father gave me away. I remember when I got to the altar, Jorge was telling me that I’d never looked that beautiful” he said it, like, five times. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter was telling Jorge that he still had time if he wanted to get out.” ” Laura Posada, author, The Beauty of Love, with husband, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, married January 21, 2000 Photo: Ramon Feliciano

“Our wedding was at Peter Beard’s home in Montauk. Our friends sang as we walked each other down the aisle. It was everything I love about our beach lifestyle (including lobster and french fries), amplified. Best party I’ve ever been to.” Cynthia Rowley, designer, with husband, gallerist Bill Powers, married September 17, 2005 Photo: Jen Snow

“We got hitched two years ago in San Francisco during the notorious window. Our wedding was hokey and romantic, or hamish, as the Jews say. We did not want a formal situation. No one gave us away, but Jonny’s mom and sister were there, throwing rose petals and taking snaps.” ” Simon Doonan (right), creative director, Barneys New York, with husband, interior designer Jonathan Adler, married September 18, 2008 Photo: Thor Swift

Come On Down