Offbeat Brooklyn Fête

Jennifer Levy & Alex McCown

The Cove and reBar
October 9, 2010

Ph.D. candidate Alex McCown, 33, first met Jennifer Levy, 32, when his band crashed at her D.C. pad in 2002. (Jennifer, a health-education coordinator, and a friend of Alex’s were roommates.) “He was very cute,” she says, “but he had a girlfriend.” Four years later, Alex showed up at her apartment again, only this time, he was single. “I was mega-interested,” he admits. The two started exchanging e-mails—“it was like sexting, but wildly unsexy,” says Jen. That led to a nearly three-year long-distance courtship and, eventually, a proposal. Jen describes their wedding as “a labor of love”: Her father built the chuppa; friends compiled the playlist; and the ceremony, held at the Cove in Brooklyn Bridge Park, was officiated by a friend. Afterward, 100 guests headed to Dumbo’s reBar, where the DIY décor nodded to the couple’s love of literature and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The cake was topped with Buffy and Angel figurines, and books served as pedestals for flower-filled milk jars. As a final touch, guests were given bookmarks as party favors. Says Jen, “We’re definitely nerdy!”

The Details:

Dress: Melissa Sweet
Bride’s Shoes: Anthropologie
Suit: Banana Republic
Cakes and Cupcakes: Nine Cakes
Flowers: Rose Red & Lavender
Photographs: Oh, Darling! Photography

Jennifer Levy & Alex McCown “The best part about having a ceremony in a New York City park is the random onlookers who stop to watch.” Photo: Oh, Darling! Photography

“I love cake, so when Alex asked me what kind of cake I wanted, I said, “All of them!’ We had six or seven flavors of small cakes and all different types of cupcakes.” Photo: Oh, Darling! Photograph

“Our ring-bearer was 3 years old, so we needed something for him to carry that wouldn’t let the rings drop and roll away,” says Jen. Alex adds: “Of the books we considered, On Beauty by Zadie Smith was the most aesthetically pleasing and thematically resonant. It was also one of the first books I ever lent Jen, saying, “You’ll love this!’ Ironically, I seem to recall Jen didn’t like it and never finished it.” Photo: Oh, Darling! Photograph

“Our first dance was to “This Will Be Our Year’ by the Zombies. It’s one of Alex’s favorite songs, and it’s short, which was important; I didn’t want to be in front of everyone for long.” Photo: Oh, Darling! Photograph

Slide Header Address, date, or similar info here. For me, the high point of the show is this, which manages simultaneously to be a painting, a force field, and an electromagnetic visual discharge. This is an artist sloughing off old consciousness, making something he doesn’t even know is art, giving up nearly all known languages of painting, and maybe violating the laws of nature by making something that seemingly puts off more energy than went into making it. Photo: ” 2010 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Offbeat Brooklyn Fête