Outdoorsy DIY Affair

Youngna Park & Jacob Krupnick

South Kent, Connecticut
October 10, 2010

P hotographer and video producer Jacob Krupnick, 28, discovered Youngna Park’s photo blog in 2006 and struck up an e-mail correspondence. Months later, Youngna, also 28, chose to interview Jacob for a school assignment. The pair eventually started dating and, in February 2010, took a life-altering trip upstate. “Jacob proposed in the middle of this picturesque frozen lake,” Youngna recalls. “We were laughing and crying and jumping around. We had friends waiting on the shore, and Jacob yelled, ‘She’s going to be my wife!’ ” The couple wed at a family friend’s house overlooking the Catskills. Because they were paying for most of the wedding themselves, they got creative. That meant DIY flowers, napkins sewn by Youngna’s mom, and desserts baked by friends. After the ceremony, the party moved to an adjoining tent, where guests danced to music spun by a buddy. At one point, the couple slunk away to take pictures along a scenic trail. Says Youngna, “We were under a beautiful canopy of foliage, and it just hit us: ‘This is real—we’re married!’ ”

The Details

Dress: Saja
Suit: Paul Smith
Shirt & Tie: J.Crew
Bride’s Shoes: Rachel Comey
Hair & Makeup: Frances Sorensen
Caterer: Wood’s Pit BBQ & Mexican Cafe
Portrait Cake: Amelia Halverson
Rings: Caitlin Mociun

Youngna Park & Jacob Krupnick Photo: Todd France

“We had tin cans full of sparklers, and everybody lit them at ten o’clock, since our wedding was on 10/10/10. It was really dark and starry in the middle of the woods, and the sparklers created a beautiful spectacle.” Photo: Todd France

“A lot of guest books get ignored. Instead, I took index cards and typed fun prompts for people to fill out, from memories of the day to marriage advice.” Photo: Todd France

“We called four or five friends and asked if they would make desserts. There was dulce de leche cheesecake, Mexican wedding cookies, rocky-road bars” We had dessert for days.” Photo: Todd France

“There’s all this sloping granite in the back of our friend’s modern-style farmhouse, and we encouraged people to spread out on the rocks for the ceremony. [That way] I could look out and make eye contact with different people. It felt so personal.” Photo: Todd France

Outdoorsy DIY Affair