A Regal Blowout (With Tattoos)

Danielle Flores & Allen Horvath

Oheka Castle Huntington, New York
May 9, 2010

Four years ago, a couple of tattooed Ozzy fans had a chance encounter under rather unlikely circumstances: Danielle Flores, 32, and Allen Horvath, 34, met at an All-American Rejects concert in New Jersey. “I had taken my 13-year-old daughter, and he took his 13-year-old nephew,” says Danielle. The chaperones hit it off immediately despite the less-than-ideal soundtrack (their teenage charges would later serve as maid of honor and best man at their wedding). Two years later, Allen proposed at the Rockefeller Center ice rink. They wed at the palatial Oheka Castle, a Long Island estate built in 1919, but the affair was very much their own—right down to the inked-up cake. The duo’s most memorable moment was their first dance, set to “Tangled Up in You” by Staind. “It was only the second time we had ever slow-danced,” says Danielle. “I got dizzy because we don’t know how—we just held onto each other and kept on spinning.”

The Details:

Dress: Justin Alexander
Jewelry & Veil: Boutique de Voile
Suit: Calvin Klein
Caterer & Cake: Oheka Castle
Music: MME Entertainment
Flowers: Flowers on Essex

Danielle Flores & Allen Horvath “We took pictures in the garden, which was designed by the sons of the landscape architect who did Central Park. It looks like a vineyard.” Photos by Gulnara Studio Photography

A Regal Blowout (With Tattoos)