Cross-Cultural New Year’s Bash

Andrew Goodwillie & Sonia Tolani

Studio 450
December 31, 2010

As first-year medical students at NYU, Andrew Goodwillie, now 32, and Sonia Tolani, 35, began their relationship as just friends. Things took a turn for the romantic, however, when they shared a microscope in a lab class; Sonia had to help Andrew, who is color-blind, decipher the cell structures. The couple (both doctors now) dated for more than six years until May 2010, when Andrew proposed. From there, they planned a New Year’s Eve celebration that enabled out-of-town friends and relatives—his from Scotland, hers from India and Indiana—to turn the trip to New York into a winter vacation. “We wanted it to be more of a party,” says Sonia. “Our big thing was combining the Indian culture from my side with the Scottish culture from his.” The bride wore a vintage sari, and the groom wore a kilt, and after the ceremony, Sonia’s friends surprised her with a choreographed Bollywood dance. Says Sonia: “It was a perfectly blended smashup.”

The Details:

Bride’s Sari: Vintage, from the bride’s mother
Groom’s Kilt: Pipeline Celtic Themes
Hair: Jamie Cook at Whittemore House Salon
Music: D.J.Jeff Geisinger
Rental Décor: Party Rental Ltd.
Photographs: Sara Wight Photography

Andrew Goodwillie & Sonia Tolani “There was a New Year’s Eve countdown and Champagne toast, and a family friend sang “Auld Lang Syne,’ which is an old Scottish tune.” Photo: Sara Wight Photography

“My girlfriends made the garlands that we’re wearing here from deli flowers.” Photo: Sara Wight Photography

En route to their reception. Photo: Sara Wight Photography

Slide Header Address, date, or similar info here. For me, the high point of the show is this, which manages simultaneously to be a painting, a force field, and an electromagnetic visual discharge. This is an artist sloughing off old consciousness, making something he doesn’t even know is art, giving up nearly all known languages of painting, and maybe violating the laws of nature by making something that seemingly puts off more energy than went into making it. Photo: ” 2010 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Cross-Cultural New Year’s Bash