Vacation Turned Elopement

Rebecca Foggett & Colin MacLeod

City Clerk’s Office
March 22, 2010

Event manager Rebecca Foggett, 30, met British Army officer Colin MacLeod, also 30, in an Edinburgh club in 2008, but the two text-bantered for a month before making dinner plans. They went to Canny Man’s pub, where he wooed her over open-faced sandwiches. “It was a dream date—he was so funny, clever, and charming,” remembers Rebecca. “He’s the only person I’ve ever fallen completely head-over-heels in love with.” Likewise, Colin was certain he wanted to marry Rebecca after just four months but waited a year before proposing “so that everyone else would take us seriously.” When Colin bought Rebecca a trip to New York for Christmas, they decided to scrap the formal wedding and tie the knot at the marriage bureau on Worth Street. Afterward, they took a six-hour limo tour of the city, stopping at the High Line, Chelsea Market, and Art Bar. “It was wonderful,” says Rebecca. “And now we have the perfect excuse to come back for our anniversaries.”

The Details:

Dress: Vivienne Westwood
Fascinator: Sally-Ann Provan
Rings: Vintage from Grays Antique Markets in London
Photographs: Erik Ekroth

Rebecca Foggett & Colin MacLeod “When you leave the courtroom at the marriage bureau, they blast a power ballad”whatever’s next on the CD. Ours turned out to be “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship. We were laughing about it afterward”it could have been a lot worse.” Photo: Erik Ekroth

“It was a really selfish, wholly enjoyable day that was just about us. A lot of people get caught up in their wedding as an event and forget that getting married is about two people making a commitment to each other.” Photo: Erik Ekroth

Photo: Erik Ekroth

Slide Header Address, date, or similar info here. For me, the high point of the show is this, which manages simultaneously to be a painting, a force field, and an electromagnetic visual discharge. This is an artist sloughing off old consciousness, making something he doesn’t even know is art, giving up nearly all known languages of painting, and maybe violating the laws of nature by making something that seemingly puts off more energy than went into making it. Photo: ” 2010 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Vacation Turned Elopement