Landmark Occasions

Brooklyn Bridge “Our guests met us on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, and we all walked across together, led by a New Orleans”style brass band. We did the ceremony in the middle of the bridge. It took three minutes, and there were all these tourists cheering and clapping for us. Of course, there was one biker speeding by yelling, “Clear the bike lane!’ ” “Louise Leonard and Ryan Sparling, married May 2012 Photo: Stylish & Hip Weddings

City Hall Park “Instead of a traditional wedding, it seemed like more fun to hold a rally for peace and love in City Hall Park. I grew up right across the street in the eighties, so it has special meaning for me. I learned to ride my bike here. My pets are buried here.” “Melanie Royster and Marc Williams, married June 2011 Photo: Les Loups

Katz’s Deli “Our original venue closed because of Hurricane Irene, so we got married at Katz’s. We pulled it together in five hours. When I first walked in with my dad, all of the customers cheered for me. It was one of the coolest moments of my life.” “Amy Timmins and Peter Timmins, married August 2011 Photo: Gulnara Studio

Grand Central “We’re not really emotional people, but when our officiant pronounced us married, we both started bawling. Growing up, I never would have thought that I could get married, especially in such a gorgeous landmark. It was overwhelming.” “Erica Carr (left) and Lea Magdangal, married March 2012 Photo: Heather Waraksa

Gramercy Park “When we first started dating, we’d walk by Gramercy Park, dreaming of getting inside someday. Our plan to access the garden on our wedding day fell through at the last minute. I had a complete and utter meltdown, but then a sympathetic key-holder helped us sneak in so we could say our vows. It was a huge, euphoric rush. My heart had never pulsated that way before.” “Ryan Blakely and Lesley Faulkner, married April 2011 Photo: Kimberly Coccagnia

The Met “We got married in front of the Tiffany fountain in the American Wing of the Met. When I was little, it was my favorite place to camp out and do my homework. For our wedding, we just showed up, said our vows, and then booked it out of there before anyone could yell at us.” “Maggie Tauranac and Evan Bardot, married January 2012 Photo: Greg Kessler

Landmark Occasions