Gastropub Dance Party

Ed Hambleton & John Martinez

January 29, 2012

While riding the school bus as a seventh grader in Dallas, Ed Hambleton, now 28, was not expecting to meet the love of his life. But as fate would have it, he fell for eighth-grader John Martinez, now 29 and a special-events supervisor. By high school, they had become close friends, and before they graduated, they were dating. But the couple drifted apart—John was off to New York University, and Ed to Columbia University the year after. In New York, they saw each other now and then, and in May 2010, Ed, an elementary-school teacher, made a move. “I got this goofy Facebook message from him that said, ‘How is your life?’ ” says John, who nervously accepted his invitation to dinner. “Four months later, John asked me to marry him—then I asked him to marry me,” says Ed. “It was a huge shock, but I love him.” The couple tied the knot one year later at reBar in Dumbo. “Our mothers were sobbing,” says John. The night ended blissfully with a “major dance party” and a photo booth “diva off.”

The Details

Suits: Zara
Shoes: Zara (John), Steve Madden (Ed)
Event Planner: Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events
Cake: reBar
Flowers: Martin Jobes Designs
Photographs: Bree Warner Photography

“We couldn’t agree on what makes the perfect wedding photograph, so I jumped.” Photo: Bree Warner Photography

“Our nieces, nephews, and cousins dressed to impress in the photo booth, which was a gift from John’s sister.” Photo: Bree Warner Photography

Gastropub Dance Party