The Toast Chronicles

“My dad’s amazing speech had a fairy-tale theme. He told the story of Princess Danielle and all of her suitors, then he said, “And one day Prince Jamie arrived.’ At that moment, the trumpet section played a fanfare. He did a really good job of making fun of me.” “Danielle Axelrod and Jamie Magid, married December 2007 Photo: Fred Marcus Photography

“My mother, Lillian, spoke about my childhood and how proud she is of me and the woman I’ve become. She wished me happiness. There was so much joy and love that day. That’s what made me tear up.” “Raine Heidenberg and Randy Rollner, married July 2011 Photo: Paris Wittingham

“I laughed the minute the best man began reading Alex’s poem, written at sixteen, about a squirrel’s search for a nut before winter (the verse is, in fact, about looking for love). I was slightly embarrassed, but I knew our friends were going to love it.” “Carrie Ciulla-Wax and Alex Wax, married September 2011 Photo: 1. Art Beauty Life: Jenny Ebert Photography

“In the middle of a very sentimental speech by Bobby’s older brother Dan, their 90-year-old uncle from Korea walked onto the empty dance floor and asked Dan to turn around so he could take his picture. Only a 90-year-old man can get away with that.” “HyeMi Kim Cho and Bobby Cho, married July 2012 Photo: Judy Pak

“Ashmedh’s best friend, Chintan, explained how after Ashmedh and I met, I brought out his softer side, and that Ashmedh suddenly started to dress well and know about music. Then he thanked me for putting a smile on his [Ashmedh’s] face that he had never seen before.” “Ajeet Kaur Anand and Ashmedh Singh Sabharwal, married August 2011 Photo: Kathi Littwin

“My parents teased me because I wanted everything to be perfect on our wedding day, so when my dad opened his toast by telling everyone that, I was nervous about what else he would say. He said that he wants things perfect for me, too, and I knew he wasn’t going to make fun of me for being a bridezilla.” “Cienna Ventura Ryu and Jesung Ryu, married August 2011 Photo: Brian Dorsey Studio

“My best friend, Jenny, told the story of how whenever her husband, Tom, would meet my boyfriends he’d always say that Eric, my older and very protective brother, “wouldn’t like that kid.’ But when Tom met Mike, he didn’t say it. I couldn’t help but look across at Eric and laugh.” “Raina Wallens and Michael Shohet, married October 2011 Photo: Charlotte Jenks Lewis

“Our maids of honor and best men surprised us by singing the Backstreet Boys’s “As Long as You Love Me,’ but changed some of the lyrics to tell our love story. It was beautiful, unexpected, and very funny.” “Frédéric Nguyen and Charlotte Nguyen, married April 2012 Photo: Sara Wight

The Toast Chronicles