It All Starts With a Question

Stacy Klein, vice-president, commodity-derivatives marketing, & TJ Bittel, vice-president, public finance. Marrying July 5, 2014. “We were supposed to fly to Ohio that day, but TJ told me our flight was delayed and that we should kill time by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was where we had our first kiss. When he proposed, I had no idea I was being photographed. In my mind, this was my private moment with him, and I was trying so hard to listen to every word and take mental notes. We were both crying, but he likes to tell everyone it was just the rain. After dinner that night, I found out we weren’t going to Ohio”but to Paris.” Photo: Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative

Emmanuel Ijeh, software engineer, & Omokhuwa Igetei, registered nurse. Marrying August 9, 2014. “My job keeps me really busy, so I hired a proposal planner to arrange everything: the string quartet, the roses, the photographer. My only plan was not to be nervous, but I still had butterflies. When she said yes, I put the ring on her right hand. She was like, “Babe, are you sure it goes on that hand?’ I got it right the second time.” Photo: Rebecca Yale for the Heart Bandits

Jay McBain, software-company founder, & Michelle Ragusa, customer-service manager. Married July 4, 2013. “It was my 40th birthday and Michelle surprised me with skydiving, so I decided to surprise her back with a proposal. We were almost at 10,000 feet and 30 seconds from opening the door, and I grabbed her hand. She thought I was just trying to calm her down, but then out comes the ring. The funniest sight was watching her goggles fill up with tears. She said yes, handed the ring to the pilot, the door flings open, and suddenly the guy is pushing her out of the plane.” Photo: Courtesy of the subjects

Anne Monoky, editor, & Curt Goldman, liquor-company president. Married September 29, 2012. “It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and we went for a run in Central Park like we often do. At one point, Curt stopped and started acting a little awkward. He feigned an injury, and I was like, “Get up. What are you doing?’ Then I realized he was getting down on one knee.” Photo: Kara Pearson

Alexander Loucopoulos, private-equity executive, & Graciela Loucopoulos, architect. Married May 3, 2008. “My wife loved space camp as a little girl, so I decided to propose to her in zero gravity. You take a special 727 airplane that simulates negative-G, so you can float weightlessly for periods of time. The crew helped me make sure the ring wouldn’t float away. It was a great beginning, and I still plan on taking her to space someday.” Photo: Courtesy of the subjects

Lexi Ritsch, general manager, bar, & Kim Stolz, vice-president, derivative sales. Married June 15, 2013. “I tried to propose a few times, but kept getting foiled. Finally, I told Kim to meet me at Jean-Georges. She was like, “What do you mean? It’s Monday, I’m in a flannel.’ I made her order lobster and then demanded that she marry me. About a month later, she re-proposed to me. A lot of our friends do two-way proposals like that, so everyone feels special.” Photo: Courtesy of the subjects

Craig Jones, financial consultant, & Allison Jones, textile designer. Married March 23, 2013. “I figured I’m only going to propose once”it should be done right. So I hired a choreographer and dancers, and a high-school marching band that came in four school buses to Bryant Park. Allison and I had talked about getting married, so she might have expected a proposal, but I knew she wouldn’t expect a marching band.” Photo: Courtesy of the subjects

It All Starts With a Question