Vintage Affair

Ashley Westrich & Dan Williams

The Green Building
April 20, 2013

Graphic designer Ashley Westrich, 29, and private-equity executive Dan Williams, 31, met as students at Northwestern University and got engaged in their Williamsburg apartment in 2011. For their big day, the couple wanted a venue they could make their own. “We liked the Green Building’s industrial elegance,” recalls Ashley. “We wanted it to feel vintagey, but not too vintagey.” One of their more old-time touches was a bookshelf lined with faded wedding photos in gilded frames of Ashley’s and Dan’s relatives—their parents, great-great-grandparents, and everyone in between. A coral-and-mint-green painting by Michelle Armas inspired the invitations, seating cards, and flowers. And while Ashley oversaw all elements of the wedding’s design, Dan was in charge of the booze: Budweiser to represent St. Louis (where the bride is from), Honker’s Ale from Chicago (the groom’s hometown), and beer from Brooklyn Brewery, a shout-out to their current address, of course.

The Details

Flowers: Rose Red & Lavender
Dress: Jenny Packham
Suit: Brooklyn Tailors
Cake: Lael Cakes
Music: D.J. Gaza
Caterer: Real Food Catering
Hair: Anna Nuet
Photography: Katie Osgood Photography

“We wanted it to feel vintagey, but not too vintagey.” Photo: Katie Osgood

Photo: Katie Osgood

“Our wedding party was just our siblings; Dan and I each have a brother and sister. We wanted to keep everything simple and in the family.” Photo: Katie Osgood

“After the ceremony, Dan and I hid in the back area for fifteen minutes, away from the party. It was a nice way to catch our breath and reflect on what had just happened.” Photo: Katie Osgood

“We wanted a dessert spread instead of one big cake. This small one, which is gluten-free, was the centerpiece. It’s topped with laser-cuts of our dog and two cats.” Photo: Katie Osgood

Vintage Affair