Top Five: Of-the-Moment Bridal Hairstyles

1 Simple Bun With aSide Part:“This is a very flattering, classicallyfeminine look, and it createsa nice line on a woman, especially with an open-back or strapless dress. Put flowers on one side of the bun so you have a more finished look when you take your veil off for the party.”

2 Upswept Chignon: “An upswept style gives more height at the crown of the head and elongates the neck. Putting a few small, delicate feathers into the hair insteadof an elaborate headpiece is a nice way to dress it up.”

3 Classic Ponytail:“Different styles of ponytails are becoming popular because women feel like their hair is down,but it’s more pulled-together, holds up through dancing,and can give great supportto a veil—it’s also a very youthful look.”

4 Au Naturel: “A lot of brides are wearing their hair down now because it makes them feel more like themselves. You should sweep one side of it back with a deep side part.”

5 Short With Pin Curls: “We add curls so thehair feels more polished, usually with a little bit of wax to get more of a separation. That way it doesn’t look too bouffant.”

Top Five: Of-the-Moment Bridal Hairstyles