Style Counsel: Lingerie

DOGet a professional fitting. Eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size.

Buy several different bras that are returnable. Wear them (with the tags on) for a couple hours. What looked great in the dressing room can feel horrible at home.

Pick the gown before the lingerie. A pearled garter belt shouldn’t dictate what you wear down the aisle.

Bring all your wedding undergarments to the first fitting. If you don’t have them yet, bring a strapless bra or a number of different options.

Wear a fun, flirty piece without going overboard. A cream garter can feel just as sexy as a fishnet-and-sequin bustier.

Use Velcro or snaps to attach the bra to the inside of a strapless dress to keep it from peeking out. No one wants to see the bride’s bra on the dance floor.

Wear a long-line corset if you have a larger chest. It provides maximum support and a smooth waistline.

Bring a picture of your dress when shopping for lingerie. The visual will help the store find what you need.

DON’TCompromise your comfort. Your beautiful (but scratchy) bra shouldn’t be a distraction.

Wear a Just Married or Property of … thong.

Wear ruffles and bows. Even though they’re pretty, they’re usually cumbersome. Solid fabrics that match your skin tone are less likely to show through the dress.

Wear a too-tight corset that constricts your breath. Victorian-era England is so … Victorian era.

Assume all brands and boutiques follow a uniform sizing system.Small, medium, or large can mean different things, so try everything on.

Wear a bra if you don’t want to. Find a wedding gown with a built-in bra or cups. Also, going sans-bra is sexier than asking your new husband to peel off a mess of double-stick tape.

Wait until the last minute to shop for lingerie. Undergarments can maximize your look, and require just as much time to find as the actual dress.

Forget to pick something enticing for the honeymoon. When else can you justify $90 for silk stockings?

Style Counsel: Lingerie