Style Counsel: Veils

DOWear a simple veil (i.e., single layer of tulle with either raw edge, pencil, or ribbon trim no wider than one inch) for an outdoor or daytime wedding.

Opt for unique veils: a mantilla for a church or synagogue ceremony, to coordinate with and highlight the lace on your gown.

Wear a cathedral veil at a traditional gown-and-church ceremony.

Choose antique lace for a romantic, vintage feeling.

A hat with netting works well with a City Hall white suit or cocktail dress.

Keep with current trends and wear a veil lower in your hair.

Wear a blusher for a traditional church ceremony.

DON’TDon heavy lace or embroidered veils at outdoor weddings.

Wear the veil for the duration of the reception. Most brides take it off right after the ceremony, though some keep it on until the first dance.

Have such a long, detailed, or complicated veil that it competes with the dress. Don’t go overboard with crystal trim, sequins, or embroideries.

Fall victim to a crooked or messy veil. Put your maid of honor in charge of fluffing throughout the ceremony.

Do tiaras unless they are very understated. Mikimoto makes simple pearl-and-diamond combinations.

Wear a veil to your bachelorette party, please.

Style Counsel: Veils