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Saving Grace: Rings

Q: What if I despise the ring my fiancé picks?
A: Tradition dictates that the groom, in all his endless style wisdom, pick out the ring, all by his lonesome and present it on bended knee. But is the element of surprise worth the potential disappointment when it turns out not to be her style? According to Vera Wang, definitely not. "Girls want a hand in choosing what they're going to wear-they have a lot of expectations. Ring shopping has really become a joint process, and I think everyone is happier because of it," she explains. If your groom-to-be is hell-bent on having an element of surprise, he should cover all the bases-friends, family, parents, and such. And if you still don't love the ring? Tell him the truth (unless it's a family heirloom)-but best not to ruin the moment by mentioning it during the proposal.