The Makeup Artist

Photo: Victor Prado/New York Magazine

Wei Lang, Makeup Artist and Facialist

We’ll get to weddings, but first: Beyoncé.
I’ve worked with her mother, Tina, for years and started working with Beyoncé about a year ago. She actually does her own makeup really well. But for the bigger events, the ones with lots of photographers, she’ll bring in a makeup artist.

Does she glow in person?
She glows. I don’t really use a lot of makeup on her. The one thing I do is contour. Not too heavy, and I go very minimal on her eyes. I always use my Velour mink lashes on her. They look amazing, and they’re sold pretty much everywhere. The ones called Are Those Real? are my favorite.

Onto brides. What looks best on the wedding day?
Bring out the eyes. They’re the focal point. Concentrate along the lash line with the lashes. Liner is always nice. But don’t pile on so much color.

Are you for a red lip?
I love a red lip, but a red lip and a strong eye? If it’s done in a very nice way, with not too much eyeliner, then it’s a beautiful polished look. Otherwise, I find it to be very dated and too heavy, like a showgirl.

Which lasting lip color won’t get all over the groom during the you-may-kiss-the-bride part?
Those double-ended long-lasting lip colors that you put the gloss over are great. The one I’ve been using is from Make Up For Ever. They really perfected the formula, which is creamy and long-lasting.

How about a no-fail foundation?
Clé de Peau. It’s very expensive, but it’s very pigmented, so you don’t need a lot. It goes on beautifully and the finish is gorgeous. I don’t know what they actually put in their foundation, but it gives you a glow without any shimmer or sparkle. It’s the one I use the most on photo shoots.

How necessary are finishing sprays?
They’re really good and leave a nice, dewy finish. There’s one from M.A.C called Fix+. It looks like a toner spray, but it actually holds the makeup. Make Up For Ever has one called Mist & Fix. You spritz it on after the entire face is done. You can also use it to refresh at the reception.

Are facials a prerequisite?
I always encourage them. You want to really exfoliate to get rid of all the dead skin—especially if you’re getting married in spring or summer. You have all that buildup from the winter.

Got a favorite finishing powder?
Just go for one in a compact. It doesn’t matter which brand. They’re pretty much all good now. But get a powder that’s fine in texture—and stay away from the mineral makeup lines on the wedding day. They reflect light, and you can look metallic in photographs.

Illustration by Jim Mezei

“If you’re doing your own makeup, apply the primer and foundation with a damp sponge. It really makes it last a lot longer.”


The Makeup Artist