Top Five: Charity Donations Instead of Gifts

1 The Children’s Aid Society: “The Children’s Aid Society, which is a lifeline and a safe haven to New York City’s children and families most in need of assistance, makes a habit of financial excellence. It proves its financial responsibility again and again.”

2 Robin Hood Foundation: “Since 1988, the Robin Hood Foundation has targeted poverty in New York City. Its supporters can rest assured that it is worthy of their trust and commitment.”

3 International AIDS Vaccine Initiative: “This global organization works to speed the search for a vaccine. Besides being tops in terms of its fiscal health, we commend the Initiative for respecting the rights of its donors by refusing to sell, trade, or share personal information.”

4 World Monuments Fund: “The World Monuments Fund is dedicated to the preservation of endangered architectural and cultural sites around the world. The organizers are also very fiscally efficient.”

5 Breast Cancer Research Foundation: “Since its inception, this foundation has raised more than $125 million to support clinical research at cancer centers conducting the most promising breast cancer research across the globe. It reinvests that money by spending more on its programs each year.”

Top Five: Charity Donations Instead of Gifts