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Did you have sex on your wedding night?
Yes: 509
No: 309
*Unclear: 124

*[translation: Utter exhaustion or too many glasses of Champagne have rendered the night a bit foggy.]

“I ate way too little and drank way too much, so I was in no shape to have sex on my wedding night.”

“Our friends snuck in our room and put flower petals all over the place to help set the mood.”

“My husband fell asleep outdoors while I helped the D.J. dismantle speakers and load them into his van—still wearing my wedding dress. Then my husband had to be escorted inside, at which point he saw leftover cake and woke up enough to eat a piece before passing out again. It was everything I always dreamed it would be.”

“Just getting our clothes off was a hilarious ordeal, so the thought of getting it on was just impossible.”

“Yes. And it was the first time in my life that I had the thought: Hey, this is my wife!”

“Hell, no! We were so wasted and worn out from all those months of planning that we pretty much passed out on impact.”

“By the time we got back to the hotel, my new husband fell facedown on the bed. I believe his exact words were, ‘Tomorrow. It will be so much better tomorrow.’”

“I woke up on my wedding day looking forward to getting it on as husband and wife. We did it twice; once between the reception and the after-party, and then again before we went to bed.”

“We had to break down the entire barn because people were getting married there the next day, so by the time we got home, all we were in the mood for was drinking some Champagne on the floor and looking at our presents.”

“I remember very little of that eight-hour period following the ceremony.”

“We got back to our beautiful hotel suite after our wedding, and I told my husband that I had the energy to have sex or count the money, but not both. We counted the money.”

Action Figures