The Mega-Moon

Photo: Courtesy of Rokhlin and Lapierre

Who: Valerie Rokhlin, 28, sales director, and Chris Lapierre, 31, finance director

What: Four months in Europe, three in Southeast Asia, and three in South America on a budget of $80,000. Check their blog ( for updates.

Why: “The idea of an around-the-world trip was seeded when we met in college. Over the years, it would come up, and we’d wistfully say, ‘One day.’ But about two years ago, we actually started saving. We were doing well in our careers and were confident we could get jobs when we returned.”

How: “Chris was able to stay on with his company in a consultant capacity; I quit my job altogether. Budgeting for this type of trip was a challenge. We did research online and arrived at a per-day cost for each region—more for Europe, less for Asia and South America. We typically book our next destination about a week or two in advance so we have flexibility, and we’re staying at a mix of two- and three-star hotels. So many people have told us they wish they could do the same trip, and they can. You just have to get over the scariness of going against the grain.”

So Far, So Good: “We’re currently in Paris and loving it, but one of our favorite memories is driving from Seville to Marbella in Spain through miles upon miles of nothing but sunflower fields.”

The Mega-Moon