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Gown Cleaners Directory

Cameo Cleaners of Gramercy Park

280 Third Ave., nr. 22nd St.; 212-677-3949;

Roberto Espinal can identify and treat just about any stain with an ecofriendly carbon-dioxide cleanser. He is the go-to cleaner for Prada, Gucci, and Burberry and has long been in charge of keeping Metropolitan Opera wardrobes spotless. From $400; free pickup and delivery in Manhattan. (ecofriendly)

Fashion Award Cleaners

383 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 78th St.; 212-289-5623;

Using UV light to find invisible stains that would show up as spots years later, these thorough cleaners catch everything. Allow eight to ten weeks for each job (from $550). Free pickup and delivery in Manhattan.

Hallak Cleaners

1232 Second Ave., at 65th St.; 212-832-0750;

Hallak uses biodegradable detergent and can turn jobs around in just one week (from $425); preservation takes three to four weeks. Complimentary pickup and delivery are available in Manhattan. (ecofriendly)


39 E. 65th St., nr. Madison Ave.; 212-570-9130;

The specialists here use acid-neutral materials and the same cleaning and preservation methods as experts at major museums. Dry cleaning starts at $350, preservation $150; full restoration and preservation start at around $1,000. Turnaround is two to three weeks. (ecofriendly)

J. Scheer & Co.

23 E. 81st St., nr. Madison Ave., Ste. 7; 212-570-1511;

Textile expert Jonathan Scheer subjects wedding gowns to a battery of tests to determine how best to clean them (from $595). A post-wedding preservation job takes eight to 12 weeks. Free pickup and delivery are available in Manhattan.

Madame Paulette

1255 Second Ave., nr. 66th St.; 347-689-7010;

These pros have a reputation for being meticulous. Jobs take four to 12 weeks (from $700). Alterations are available, and they also offer their own special spot-cleaning kit for day-of disasters ($12.50).

Meurice Garment Care

31 University Pl., nr. 9th St.; 245 E. 57th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-475-2778;

A bride longing to wear her grandmother’s dress can bring it here for the white-glove treatment, which includes restoration (from $991), alteration (from $150), reconstruction (from $750), and cleaning and preservation (from $775). Meurice also offers a broad spectrum of ecocare and wet cleaning. (ecofriendly)

This pickup-and-delivery service operates in all five boroughs and goes to every length to stay ecofriendly, from its GreenEarth Cleaning methods to its paperless billing. Cleaning services from $450, restoration from $650, and preservation from $850. (ecofriendly)

From the Summer 2017 New York Wedding Guide