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Sarah Tew Photography


Tew likes shots that emphasize atmosphere as well as the couple and guests. Comprehensive packages include eight hours with Tew and an assistant, an engagement shoot, an archival disc set, and a credit toward the album. Packages from $5,000.

Sara Wight Photography


Wight’s inspired, refined approach to wedding photography stems from her fine-art background. She produces simple, beautiful images, capturing the uncomplicated charm of stolen glances or guests laughing. From $6,000.

Sarma & Co. Photography


Sarma Ozols’s past in editorial portraiture influences her business. Couples thank her for graceful posed shots in which neither props nor setting upstage the subjects. Ozols consults couples in advance to plan a smooth session that leaves plenty of time for the wedding parties to enjoy cocktail hour. For candid coverage of the day, Ozols leads a team of two and has traveled as far as Colorado and Canouan Island. From $5,000 for eight hours.

Sasha Chou Photography

Chou’s style is soft and intimate, and is known for for creating beautiful photos amid the chaos of landmarks like Grand Central or the Brooklyn Bridge. Chou has a team based in Venice, Italy. Prices start at $2,800.

Scott Whittle Photography


Whittle, who has an M.F.A. in photography from the School of Visual Arts, turns out sophisticated candids with artistic flair. In addition to standard-format and digital cameras, he shoots with a panoramic camera and a “toy” Holga to render diverse, painterly photographs. From $4,500.

Sharon Schuster

17 Jay St., nr. Greenwich St., Ste. 2; 212-670-7877;

Schuster, who has shot for the “Vows” column in the New York Times, uses her background in film, fashion, and journalism to tell stories. She captures telling details, such as a laugh from the bride as she says, “I do.” From $6,500, including an online gallery.

Shira Weinberger Photography

1510 Lexington Ave., at 97th St; 646-467-4637;

Weinberger brings an energy to her photography that allows her to keep shooting with gusto even 12 hours into a wedding. She’s familiar with different types of ceremonies, from Orthodox Jewish to Indian and knows how to capture the best of each. Her main package ($8,800) includes unlimited shooting, a second photographer, retouching, an online slideshow, a hi-res DVD, 150 prints, and an image gallery.

Silk Studio

315 W. 39th St., nr. Eighth Ave., Ste. 708; 212-494-0004;

Married couple Shari and Joshua Silk shoot as a collaborative team, merging their distinct yet complementary artistic styles to yield high-drama images. Packages start at $3,500 and include a custom mobile app. By appointment only.

Sofia Negron Photography


To tailor her wedding coverage, dancer-turned-photographer Negron uses a “get to know you” engagement-portrait session to learn as much as she can about clients. Her work has appeared in publications like Harper’s Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. Packages from $5,000.

Stacey Ilyse Photography


While studying fine-art photography (she worked with photographer David LaChapelle), Ilyse developed a keen understanding of light’s nuances, which she applies to wedding assignments. The blog she maintains gives prospective clients an understanding of her style. From $4,500.

STAK Photography

32 Union Square E., nr. 16th St., Ste. 816; 718-908-6753;

Steven Young’s boutique wedding studio has shot award-winning images both locally and around the globe in places such as Europe, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. With a focus on the bride’s and groom’s interactions with friends and family, STAK’s images often reveal powerful aspects of relationships and emotions. Prices upon request.

Stephanie Badini Photography


An instructor at the International Center of Photography, Badini cut her teeth working alongside celebrity photographer Julie Skarratt and is a regular at New York society galas. She has shot Kanye West and Gisele Bündchen, among others. Her classic photos capture everything from minute details to large groups, and she frequently shoots destination weddings. From $6,000 for Badini and one assistant.

Stephanie Reinish Photography


Reinish takes a fun and relaxed approach, snapping dreamy, lush images that capture each couple’s special dynamic: One pair posed in goofy glasses, while another stole a kiss post-­ceremony. Prices upon request.

Steven Rosen Photography


This award-winning photographer is as adept at capturing fleeting moments as he is at using stillness, light, and shadow to create striking portraits. Rosen welcomes all couples and is proud of his 100-plus same-sex weddings. Prices range from $600 for an elopement to $4,500 for a full day.

Steve Worth Photography

555 Fifth Ave., nr. 46th St., 14th fl.; 212-986-5730;

Worth and his wife, Kira Yustak, cover the wedding from every angle: While Worth enjoys snapping action and candid shots, Yustak has a knack for details and the day’s more unusual moments. They also work separately; packages start at $1,950. (good value)

Studio A Images


Photographer Adena Stevens takes a documentary approach to capturing weddings, with an eye for telling a story that is unique to the couple (whether that be funky or quietly elegant). Prices start at $4,000.

Studio Saldana

205 E. 42nd St., nr. Third Ave.; 603-401-7077;

This photography studio goes after unconventional shots—picture a bride wading waist-deep in her gown in a Caribbean cove and flower girls spinning wildly before the ceremony. Packages start at $3,350 and six hours of shooting, two photographers, consultation, an online slideshow, and a DVD with full-resolution files.

Stylish & Hip Weddings


The candid photos from this Brooklyn collective always evoke the spirit and mood of the day, with even posed shots appearing spontaneous. They shoot big, formal affairs just as happily as they chase a flash-mob-style wedding across a bridge. They can also provide photo-booth and videography services, and owner Jenny MacFarlane’s husband, Matt, can even officiate. Packages start at $2,900. (good value)

Susan Baker

Baker takes a cinematic approach to photography, creating a strong narrative full of dynamism—she may catch the groom mid-backflip on the dance floor or the bride in full regalia racing down an opulent twisting staircase. She also shares the most recent work on her constantly updated blog. She uses both digital and film; prices upon request.

Susan Rae Tannenbaum


Specializing in small weddings, this 20-year vet tells a vibrant, moment-to-moment story while remaining unobtrusive—the majority of her images are candids. Prices upon request.

Suzanne Sutcliffe


With roots in fine-art photography, Sutcliffe sees weddings as ongoing narratives. She veers away from a more formal approach to better tell these stories, using natural lighting whenever possible. Five-hour packages start at $2,700.

Tanya Malott


Malott is a former fashion photographer with more than 25 years of experience shooting weddings around the world, often for high-profile clients who wish to maintain their anonymity. Her work has appeared in pubs like Town & Country, People, and Vogue, while a recent assignment found her following teenage Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai on her travels in the Middle East and Africa. Complete wedding packages start at $15,000.

Tanya Tribble

162 Dean St., nr. Bond St., Boerum Hill; 917-414-7287;

Tribble’s photographs have appeared in magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and Town & Country. With her photojournalism meets fine-art style, she zooms in on the subtle details (place cards, menus) that make each wedding distinctive. She also specializes in handmade, leather-bound albums. Prices upon request.

Teri Bloom Photography Inc.

300 Mercer St., nr. Waverly Pl.; 212-475-2274;

An award-winning photojournalist, Bloom has documented hundreds of weddings and excels at catching spontaneous and genuine moments of movement, laughter, and surprise. For couples who want only a few hours of coverage, her rates start at $300 per hour. (good value)

Tim Ryan Smith


A master of putting nervous couples at ease, Smith prefers simple, clear photos with natural lighting. Prices start at $3,900. (good value)

Timothy Lee Photographers


Timothy and Lydia Lee, who each have more than 15 years of experience in wedding photography, shoot in a documentary style. They combine the elegance and artistry of Paris (her city) with the drive and glamour of New York (his). They specialize in film, but also shoot digital. Prices upon request.

Todd France Photography

56 W. 22nd St., nr. Sixth Ave., Seventh fl.; 212-300-4264;

France has perfected his naturalistic style as an editorial photographer for People, Elle, and The New York Times Magazine, as well as for hundreds of weddings in far-flung corners of the world. A basic, limited-time package is $4,500, or $5,000 for an unlimited day. It includes both 4 x 6 proofs and hi-res files. Prices upon request.

Tory Williams Photography

47 Bergen St., nr. Boerum Pl., third fl., Cobble Hill; 914-275-5288;

A former Vogue and Glamour editorial photographer, Williams uses a documentary approach to capture the emotions of each couple. Packages are customized and include a hard drive of hi-res images, an online gallery, and a photo-album consultation. Destination weddings also available. Prices upon request.

Trent Bailey Studio


Trent and Dara—the husband-and-wife team behind this studio—create beautiful, authentic images, such as a bride readying her dress or a glance between the bride and groom during their first dance. They shoot using both film and digital. Prices upon request.

Warwick Brown Fine Photography


Cyndy Warwick and Sheila Brown have earned international acclaim for fusing a documentary aesthetic with a flair for fashion. Their experience and willingness to accommodate any situation, such as a bride and groom who want to lie on the beach without mussing their finery, have made them word-of-mouth favorites. They’ve shot celebrity weddings, including that of Paul Rudd. Prices upon request.

The Wedding Artists Collective

Couples undecided about the type of photographer they want should check out this group, curated by industry expert Lisa Raffo Ashley. She reps a whole stable of vendors, including photographers like Samm Blake and Les Loups, or videographers like Lovebrain Films. Prices vary by artist but start at $4,200 for a basic, eight-hour collection.

Whyman Studios


Jacob Whyman combines a rare blend of fashion, photojournalism, and still-life photography to create evocative and timeless images. The award-winning studio books a year in advance. Prices upon request.

Windau Photography

307 W. 38th St., nr. Eighth Ave., Studio 1418; 212-781-8178;

Jörg Windau’s boundless energy guarantees a fun experience and unforgettable wedding photos. He knows that connecting with his clients on a personal level makes them comfortable in front of his camera, and he’s known for delivering crisp, elegant images that are bursting with color. Packages start at $4,000.

Wrinkle in Time Photography

917-502-7720 ;

Inspired by his background in fashion, photographer Charles David aims to show unforgettable moments—such as an at-the-altar close-up of a flower-crowned bride shedding a single tear. He’s great at finding texture and color and is always down for a destination wedding. From $2,700.

Zia O'Hara Photography


O’Hara’s wedding photography displays the same artful, photojournalistic style she used while shooting for Martha Stewart Weddings. She takes traditional portraits and stills of details like the flowers and cake, shooting in both medium format and digital. From $5,000.

Zieff Photography


RISD grad Karen Zieff describes her approach as “cinematic”: Think bridesmaids teetering on a cobblestone path in heels or a bride’s out-of-focus face in the back of a car. She offers both film and digital and even uses antique cameras to produce vintage-looking images. From $4,000.