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Videographer Directory

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Milestone Video Productions


The videographers at Milestone shoot weddings using primarily documentary-film techniques, letting a couple’s story unfold naturally and avoiding intrusions such as on-camera interviews with guests. Packages from $1,895. (good value)

Milk & Honey Productions


Documentarians Zev Greenfield and Johnny Boston won’t use intrusive lighting or interview party guests (unless asked to). And when it comes time to edit, they treat the footage as if making a movie, complete with cinematic perspectives and split screens. Their standard package includes six hours of shooting with two videographers and three copies of a 45- to 60-­minute film on DVD or hard drive, and a shareable five- to ten-minute highlights reel. From $4,500.

Montage Video


Award-winning videographer Lauri Batwin has been filming weddings for more than a decade. Her style is simple, subtle, and discreet, but she won’t miss a moment of the big day. Her videos combine state-of-the-art digital cinema­tography with a keen artistic eye. From $1,500. (good value)

NST Pictures


Though this international studio’s headquarters are in Tokyo, it opened a New York City office in 2012. NST’s crack videographers shoot over 30,000 nuptials worldwide each year, using documentary skills and transforming each event into a cinematic work of art. Packages start at $1,580.

Orange Films


Known for its artistic storytelling, this award-winning boutique studio creates personal, one-of-a-kind wedding movies. Creative director Edward Zilberman and his team offer other services for imaginative couples, such as video invites, how-we-met love stories, and other documentaries, as well as short-form films. Packages from $2,500.

Pennylane Productions


Founder Adam Forgione launched his videography business following his own wedding. The company produces subtly romantic films in which the focus is always on telling a couple’s unique story. Packages start from $7,000.

Robert Allen Videojournalist


For more than 30 years, Allen has been shooting weddings using the classic techniques of documentary filmmaking—so much so that he promises to make his presence “completely transparent.” He shoots with HD and vintage Super 8 cameras and can edit the day’s footage with both color and black-and-white imagery. Prices upon request.

Seth David Cohen Video


This meticulous videographer has a knack for soliciting interviews and commentary from guests that go beyond the usual “Congratulations!” Those direct-to-camera shots are optional, of course, but guests seem eager to open up in front of Cohen’s lens. From $1,000 to $6,000. (good value)

Tim Alan Smith

419 Lafayette St., nr. 4th St.; 703 Adams St., Hoboken, NJ ; 212-706-8904;

Smith’s background as a magazine writer makes him a storytelling pro, and he prides himself on his ability to catch unexpected, fleeting, and humorous moments throughout the day. His work, which was honored by the International Special Events Society on three occasions, incorporates live audio and outtakes. Prices upon request.

Tree of Life Films & Photography


This husband-and-wife team specializes in artistic visual storytelling, capturing the emotions and energy of a wedding. In addition to depicting couples’ chemistry, their films set the scene: While they shoot in HD, postproduction effects can give videos a vintage Super 8 feel. Prices start at $4,000. (ecofriendly)

Tweed Weddings


Tweed’s videographers live by the motto “Wedding videos for people who hate wedding videos.” They seek out a combination of the major traditional moments, beautiful candid shots, and happy interactions between the couple and their guests. Their fly-on-the-wall shooting style does not include camera lighting, so the team remains as invisible as you can get. In addition to the final video, couples can purchase an external hard drive with all the raw footage for $125. Prices start at $3,750.

Wedding Drone New York


In addition to providing cameramen on the ground, videographer Cody Raisig can document all outdoor wedding festivities with a drone’s-eye view. Couple that with his background in cinematography, and it’s a wedding video like no other. Prices available upon request.



For budget-conscious couples, Wedit offers a DIY approach to the wedding-day video. For $399, you receive five HD-video cameras for guests to use themselves. After the wedding, send back the cameras, and the Wedit staff will upload the raw footage for you to view on its site. For an additional charge, you can also then work with the company’s editors to create an edited video. (good value)

A Well Spun Wedding


This company employs HD, 16-mm., and Super 8 film, with soundtracks that may feature anything from oldies to Top 40 chosen by the bride and groom. Founder Jon Gangwer started the company shortly after his own nuptials, with the intention of offering schmaltz-free short-format wedding films. He can do one- or three-song films or longer documentary-style ones. Packages start at $2,000.

Wilson Fontaine Vignettes


For couples seeking a highly stylized wedding video, Fontaine is your woman. She has been documenting celebrations since 1999 and is perhaps best known for her videos utilizing Super 8 film, which evoke a romantic, vintage feel with their blurred outer edges, flickering black-and-white or subdued color palettes, and spontaneous handheld effects. Packages start around $7,000 for fine-art mixed media, Super 8 film, and an HD video.