Five-Couple Poll: Who Did You Hire to Play at Your Wedding?

“Valli Music. Our reception was at the Pierre; because of its history, we wanted old-world sophistication. The band was amazing: a fifteen-piece band with four singers, and they never took a break. Our wedding decorator-coordinator, David Tutera, referred us to them. They played everything from old classics to the latest hits. The one male singer sang a version of an Andrea Bocelli song that made guests cry, he sang it so beautifully. It cost $25,000.”
—Danielle, 34, and Steven Sackaris, 30

“Eric Nicholas and One Love. We found them via our event designer, Hatch Creative Group, and they work for Elan Artists. Initially, we had our hearts set on a D.J., since John is quite a music buff and we didn’t think we could find a band that would encompass everything we wanted. With the size of the venue (the Angel Oresanz Foundation), along with the high-energy aspect that a band can offer, we changed our minds. We did have some very small issues when our first dance started, but I think it was more due to the fact that we had rehearsed our dance repeatedly to an actual recording, rather than a live band. It cost $6,700.”
—Kimberly Per, 29, and John Canale, 31

“The Lounge Leader, a really smoky, bluesy jazz quartet (featuring a beautiful lead singer in a sequined gown, a vibraphone, a small drum kit, and stand-up bass). We saw them at a Dumbo bar, Superfine, and knew they’d be perfect. We wanted a live band that conjured up images of old New York. They were a hit.”
—Jennifer Larkin, 32, and Frank Kuzler, 33

“Wildcat Jazz Band. We wanted a ragtime-type band—one that sounded like they’d play during the credits of a Woody Allen movie. We also wanted seasoned, older folks—not a flashy young revival band. They were really reasonably priced, too.”
—Sonya Kolowrat, 35, and Johnny North, 31

“On the Move Entertainment’s Synergy D.J.-band combo. We couldn’t decide between a D.J. and a band, and they were both. They gave an amazing live performance with all the song versions that we know and love. They cost $9,000.”
—Wendy, 33, and Craig Rosenblum, 29

Five-Couple Poll: Who Did You Hire to Play at You […]