Liquored Up

Photo: All by Davies + Starr

FOR WINTER: Kumquat Sangaree
(Kumquats candied with allspice served with demi-sec Champagne)
Smells like Christmas in a glass, with appropriately celebratory fizz, but a bit tart.

FOR EARLY SPRING: Fraise Sauvage
(Wild strawberries, Tahitian vanilla with Plymouth gin and Champagne)
Frothy, with a slight creaminess courtesy of the vanilla. Goes down real easy.

FOR LATE SPRING: Apricot Bellini
(Puréed ripe apricots and Prosecco)
A smooth, even sip. No bubbles-in-the-nose tingliness, and no aesthetically displeasing purée-lump at the bottom of the glass.

FOR SUMMER: Wild-Berry Sangaree
(Blackberries, raspberries, red and black currants, topped with Brachetto and nutmeg)
Not cloyingly sweet, with a hint of intrigue from the nutmeg.

FOR EARLY FALL: White Wine Sangria
(Pears, grapes, lemons, Poire William liqueur, lemon juice, and Vinho Verde)
Kosmas warns, “This one’ll get you trashed.” Crisp, refreshing, and better the longer it sits.

FOR LATE FALL: Petit Pommeau
(Calvados Busnel VSOP with lemon juice and simple syrup, topped off with sparkling cider)
Packs a puckery, citrus punch at first, but cider tones warm up as you drink.

Liquored Up