Eight-Planner Poll: What are Some Little-Known Drawbacks to Popular Venues?

The Frick; Federal Hall: “It’s crazy but the Frick won’t allow red wine during the cocktail hour, but will allow it during the seated reception. Red wine is totally verboten at Federal Hall. Fear of staining, I guess.”

The New York Public Library; the Frick: “They’re particularly testy when it comes to open flames. You’re not allowed to use too many candles, and everything must be glass-enclosed. Most couples don’t seem to mind, but candlelight-happy decorators really don’t like being restricted to fewer than seven!”

The New York Public Library; the Frick: “The fear of staining the marble extends to bouquets and floral arrangements. The New York Public Library and the Frick won’t allow you to have berries adorning the table, and many historic churches won’t stand for them in your bouquet.”

Studio 450: “They have a terrible freight situation. Plus you’re really only given two hours to load in. And they make odd requests, like you must provide your own bathroom attendants.”

Peter White Studio: “They don’t have a kitchen, even though they advertise as much. No kitchen at all, just the central room. There’s no running water so your caterer will really have to think strategically as far as the menu is concerned. You might have to avoid fish, but braised dishes would work just fine.”

New York Public Library; the Whitney: “It’s mandatory to buy your alcohol through them. Whereas some caterers let you buy your own (Costco! Sam’s Club!) for a relatively small corkage fee.”

Tribeca Rooftop: “They offer communal tastings with a handful of other couples—and they make you taste what they’re making that day, not what you are planning to serve the day of your wedding. It’s not ideal.”

Cipriani’s on 42nd Street: “It’s known for its bad acoustics. One DJ told us that it sounded like a subway train was rolling right through dinner.”

Based on an anonymous poll of New York City planners.

Eight-Planner Poll: What are Some Little-Known Dr […]