Style Counsel: Beauty

DOWear a special fragrance. DKNY Be Delicious may work at a picnic, but smelling like candied apples doesn’t work at your wedding.

Bring deodorant. Do we really need to say why?

Carry face blotters. Sweat+grease=horrific pictures.

Bring extra hair pins, hairspray, and hair accessories. You never know if a freak downpour or wind storm may kick up.

Wear waterproof makeup.

Bring Listerine strips. Sucking on mints or chewing gum is tacky.

Bring on-the-go teeth whitener like Go Smile’s mini capsules. You’ll be drinking red wine, so take off any superficial stains before you flash for the camera.

Keep nails classic. Yes you’re getting married, but don’t have the manicurist paint wedding bells on your fingers and toes.

Bring extra makeup for touchups.

Bring a nail file and extra polish just in case your nail breaks while trying to open the limo door.

Remember that your makeup has to be strong enough for the photos, but soft enough to wear at the ceremony. The TV anchorwoman look is never attractive off-camera.

DON’TGo crazy with the makeup. A smoky eye may be sexy and dramatic, but remember, you’ll probably be crying; there’s nothing sexy about raccoon eyes.

Wait until the last minute to wax. A red upper lip or eyebrow can be covered with makeup, but why risk it?

Go overboard with tanning. There’s nothing worse than looking orange, staining your dress, or looking like a wrinkly chicken.

Wear anything that doesn’t make you look like yourself. You’re getting married, not going to a Masquerade.

Overdo teeth whitening. Teeth are supposed to look like teeth, not little pieces of Chiclet gum.

Go on a crash starvation diet before the big day. You can wear an underpinning if you happen to gain last-minute weight. Passing out because you’re weak is not advisable.

Make dramatic changes right before the day. Cutting off all your hair or adding six inches worth of extensions will be major trouble if you don’t like the end result.

Wear too much powder. Your makeup should stay put, but you shouldn’t look like a corpse.

Style Counsel: Beauty