Straight From the Source

Photo: Alison Mayfield for Christian Oth

I actually did very little to help plan Sarah’s wedding. Her mom and sister had an Alice in Wonderland-themed shower. Sarah was Alice, her mother was the Mad Hatter, and the party favors were unique teacups. At the wedding, we partied until they kicked us out. D.J. Blue was spinning. The old-school hip-hop definitely got the best response. I think Black Sheep’s “This or That” was one of many that got everyone onto the dance floor.

The dancing got crazy. There was a guy break-dancing who ruined his shirt in the process. Sarah rented a digital photo booth. We were projecting the photos on a big screen above the dance floor, and as people got drunk …well, there was some ass-baring and making out. It got a little risqué. Someone flashed his testicles. I bared my lace panties. I was the embarrassing older sister. I had to be!

We got ready at the Bowery Hotel. I took a chance and bought their dresses without showing them first. They’re from Calypso and only cost $180. My husband and I saw each other for the first time at the hotel, and we went off together to take pictures with our dog around the neighborhood. That night, the only mishap (besides the blatant ones on the dance floor!) was the chairman of my husband’s company was mistaken for the rabbi.

It was sweltering that day, and the van that picked us up to take us to the reception wasn’t air-conditioned. We didn’t want to ruin our dresses so we sat bare-butt on the seats with them pulled over our heads. Luckily, Sarah and her mom weren’t baking like the rest of us. I actually fell out of the van when we got to the reception (at the Foundry). My heel got caught and I skinned my knee. I ended up having to wear a Band-Aid.

There was a girl at the wedding, someone’s date, who was wearing the same exact dress as us. It looked like mine the most. She was so embarrassed and apologetic. She actually went to the bathroom and wrapped it differently so she wouldn’t look like another bridesmaid. That has to be a first: A guest wearing a bridesmaid’s dress as her dress of choice to a wedding.

The morning of their wedding, I got locked out of my apartment and had to wait for a locksmith to bust in with a drill, and I missed most of hair and makeup! I was incredibly nervous about my toast. Of course I didn’t sit down to write it until the day-of. I typed it and had printing problems, so I put the text on my Blackberry, which meant that through the first half of dinner, I looked like the jerk constantly checking her e-mail when in fact I was just trying to memorize my speech.

Bridesmaid dresses that’ll live beyond the last toast.

As told to Thessaly La Force

Straight From the Source