Concoctions Like Us

A year and a half after meeting at a New Year’s Eve party, Kermit proposed to Janet in Paris. Their wedding will be outdoors in June, at his family’s house in Westchester. The evening’s vibe: “Let’s call it ‘English country,’” says Janet. “And we may have a gypsy guitarist play during the cocktail hour.”

Pool, interior design, weekends in Woodstock Loves:
Woodworking, gardening, dogs, ska, Jamaica Loves to Drink:
White wine or vodka-and-sodas Loves to Drink:
Beer or cider Her Signature Cocktail

French 75Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, Champagne, lemon twist “We did something elegant and effervescent that evokes Paris as well as the bubbly they drank the night they met.” His Signature Cocktail

Adam’s AppleApplejack, Pimento dram, apple cider, orange bitters, apple slice “We incorporated his love of cider and the Jamaican element with pimento dram. It’s a good outdoor drink—more ‘Woodstock country’ than ‘English country’, I suppose. Plus, this is a manly drink and he seems like a manly guy (see woodworking!).”

Brooke and Geoffrey met at Brother Jimmy’s, a bar on the Upper West Side. A year and a half later, he popped the question on a catamaran in the Caribbean. Their black-tie reception, with a black-and-white theme, will be held in November at a swank rooftop event space in downtown Manhattan.

Swimming, her book club, Westhampton Loves:
Cooking, the Jets, running in Central Park

Evan found Addison on MySpace, after doing an ‘advanced search’ to see how many people in New York City were his height (he’s six four). A year and change later, Addison proposed. They’re tying the knot at a ranch outside of Austin. “It’s going to be a big, gay barbecue meets all-night, ranchy-chic fiesta.”

Basketball, quail hunting, poker Loves:
Music, food, coffee, karaoke Loves to Drink:
Vodka sodas with a splash of cranberry for color Loves to Drink:
Frozen mojitos or vodka martinis with jalapeño olives His Signature Cocktail

Superfruit FizzVodka, lemon juice, pomegranate syrup, soda, lemon wedge, cherry “We added pomegranate to the classic base of a vodka collins to make it colorful for Addison.” His Signature Cocktail

Moscow MuleVodka, lime juice, ginger syrup, soda, orange and lime slices “This is a great choice for Evan because the ginger creates a spiciness which will pair nicely with the bold flavors of Texas barbecue.”

Nicole and P.J. spend summers on his parents’ boat on Candlewood Lake; in winter, they hike and ski together in Vermont. And next June, they’ll be getting hitched at Migis Lodge, in Maine —a 125-acre compound on Sebago Lake that feels like “a really high-end summer camp,” says Nicole.

NICOLE P.J. Loves:
Skiing, hiking the Appalachian Trail, running Loves:
The Yankees, golf, skiing, football Loves to Drink:
Dirty martinis or gin-and-tonics Loves to Drink:
Maker’s-and-Cokes or mandarin vodka tonics Her Signature Cocktail

EastsideGin, mint, muddled cucumber, lime, simple syrup, cucumber slice “A natural pairing for someone who likes martinis and gin-and-tonics: light, clean. This is a natural fit for an outdoor wedding with the cucumber, mint, and the aromatics in the gin.” His Signature Cocktail

Whiskey CobblerRye whiskey, orange curaçao, muddled lemon, strawberry, blackberries “Incorporates his love of whiskey and orange in a natural and robust way. This is a modern use of a timeless tipple.”

It wasn’t until Amanda and Marc serendipitously ran into each other while on separate vacations in South Africa that they decided to make it official (there had been earlier, semi-successful setups in New York City). Says Amanda, “We’re having an African-Jewish party with friends flying in from all over!”

Anusara yoga, cooking Israeli food, traveling Loves:Foreign films, aiding Africa Loves to Drink:
vodka-and-sodas with lime Loves to Drink:
Pisco on the rocks Her Signature Cocktail

Starr RickeyStarr African Rum, lime, agave nectar, orange bitters, club soda “A bright and lively cocktail that embodies an ethnic feel and flavor, and salutes Africa.” His Signature Cocktail

Pisco DaisyAfrican Van Der Hum, lime juice, Angostura bitters “This Afro-Latino drink celebrates the tastes of both regions, and will introduce the groom to pisco beyond the rocks.”

Lexi and Kyle finally got together their senior year in college, only to be separated two months later—she went to Mexico; he joined the Army and was based in Korea. Four years of long-distance dating later, they’ll be getting married in late August, in Princeton, New Jersey.

Partying, baking, Latin pop music Loves:
Triathlons, the guitar, Ireland Loves to Drink:
Margaritas Loves to Drink:
Whiskey- and-Cokes Her Signature Cocktail

Tequila Honeysuckletequila, lime juice, clover honey syrup, lime wheels “It offers the sweet and sour of a margarita, but with a silky texture from the honey. A strong tequila-based drink for a girl who used to live in Mexico, and who loves to have a good time.” His Signature Cocktail

Ward 8Rye whiskey, pomegranate grenadine, lemon and orange juice, orange wedges, brandied cherry “A fantastic whiskey cocktail that’s full of body and flavor, like the drink he normally gets. It originates in the very Irish town of Boston in the late 1800s.”

Concoctions Like Us