Reason 5: And Because This Is What a Friday Afternoon at City Hall Looks Like

Years Dating: 2
NT: We’re planning a Greek Orthodox wedding, but she needs to get baptized first. So hopefully if everything goes well, we will have a wedding–the real wedding, if you will–in Greece next summer. But we didn’t want to wait in the meantime.

Years Dating: 4.5
EK: I knew with time we’d end up together.
VC: I knew from the very beginning!
EK: Our careers make it impossible to have a big wedding right now. Maybe next year. Tonight we’re celebrating at the Palm Court, at the Plaza.

Years Dating: 5
PN: We live in the Bronx, but we wanted to get married at City Hall because we’ve seen lots of people getting married here in the movies. We want to tell our kids and grandkids about it.
AN: The guy who got married right before us was our witness.

Years Dating: 3
NC: There is no significance to the date. This is how we decided to get married today: we literally grabbed a calendar, closed our eyes, held each other’s hands, and pointed to a spot.

Years Dating: 2.5
DS: Once we decided to get married, we wanted to do it as soon as possible. We wanted it to be spontaneous, without stress.
MS: We’re also trying to purchase a co-op, and our friends said that being married is essential to passing the co-op board interview.

Years Dating: 7
JB: We did it today because it’s the same day my grandparents were married in 1932. For a quickie wedding, this sure beats Vegas. You have the iconic architecture, the Brooklyn Bridge. We’re going to cross it, get some ice cream, and meet friends at South Street Seaport for drinks.

Years Dating: 2.5
AC: The day we met, I knew I wanted to be with this woman, but I couldn’t comprehend it.
KL: We decided to get married here because it’s inexpensive, fast, and not pretentious. We’d rather save our money to buy a house or to take a long vacation.

Years Dating: 24
SA: Last year, we moved my mom to an assisted-living home. We just cleaned out her apartment and thought getting married would put a happier spin on the weekend”and it worked! We’re focusing on what we have, not what we’re giving up.

Years Dating: 4
BSS: I knew he was the one when I watched him devour a hamburger in the blink of an eye. I was like, “Oh my God, I like this man, definitely.” Today, we’re going to Cookshop for lunch and then to Zum Schneider, the beer hall on Avenue C.

Reason 5: