October 26: Sam Restarts His Wedding Diet

This is a 28-inch, 1,001-word-long save-the-date that reads like 164 Facebook status updates.
SAM: We wanted it to be fun. And funny! We’ve lived together for three and a half years; we wanted to give people a peek.

You sent it to 150 guests. Did everyone read it?
S: I definitely got shit from my guy friends, like, “You really expect me to read this?” And then every single one did.
ERICA: Actually, my brother is one of the only ones who didn’t.

This must have been intense to proofread.
S: We freaked out.

You had to compile this list as though everything on it had already happened. What did you get right?
S: Bloomberg wasn’t his running mate, but Obama did win [November 5].

Did you jinx anything?
E: Well, the new 90210 turned out to be kind of crappy [December 2]. And all of Sam’s sports things were jinxed.
S: Not true. The Mets didn’t make it to the World Series [October 22], but the Giants beat the Eagles the night I said they would [November 9].

What did your parents think?
S: Erica’s dad, Phil, got a kick out of the tanning salon line [December 27]. He’s like the tannest guy ever.
E: 365 days a year. He doesn’t go tanning though.
S: So he says.

Forget to include anything?
E: Is my Dustbusting in there?
S: No. Erica sees dirt. She grabs the Dustbuster and I scream because the noise it makes is so loud.

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Save-the-date by Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

October 26: Sam Restarts His Wedding Diet