Fancy Finger Food

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/Food Styling by Suzette Kaminski

Menu: An Evening Cocktail Party
“Have it in a museum all to yourself: The Museum of the City of New York would be perfect. Serve Champagne and oysters. Play Django Reinhardt, Ella Fitzgerald, and Cole Porter.” —Mary Cleaver of the Cleaver Co.

Foie-gras trio: crème brûlée, pistachio-crusted truffle, and macaron by Olivier Cheng.

Diver scallop and black-summer-truffle seviche by Hudson Yards.

Chocolate espresso tart with marshmallow meringue by the Cleaver Co.

Rocher of coconut mousse sprinkled with shaved coconut by Feast & Fêtes.

Black-and-white-fondant petit four available through Amy Atlas Events.

Red and gold beets with chèvre and dates in a spoon by Olivier Cheng.

Sesame truffle available through Amy Atlas Events.

Polka-dot coconut cake available through Amy Atlas Events.

Parmesan basket with soft goat cheese by Feast & Fêtes.

Nasturtium-deviled quail egg with trout caviar by the Cleaver Co.

Roast beef with lemon confit in arugula with chive tie by Olivier Cheng.

Striped bass in lettuce and coriander flower by Feast & Fêtes.

Fresh vegetable roll by Feast & Fêtes.

Lobster and mango skewer by Olivier Cheng.

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/Food Styling by Suzette Kaminski

Menu: An Afternoon on the Lawn
“Serve tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers, fresh seafood. Play a little reggae. Choose a venue with great green space and an unbeatable view—like Governors Island. It just reopened.” —Joey Campanaro of Little Owl Catering

Mini ice-cream cone by Hudson Yards.

Mini caramel apple by Abigail Kirsch.

Corn chowder and corn fritter in a sake cup by Abigail Kirsch.

Spicy Thai beef tartare with cilantro and lime by Hudson Yards.

Mini Maine-lobster roll with handmade brioche by the Cleaver Co.

Cherry tomato stuffed with buffalo mozzarella by Olivier Cheng.

Bing cherry filled with foie-gras mousse by Hudson Yards.

Oyster on the half shell with sake lime sauce by Olivier Cheng.

Rhubarb macaron by the Cleaver Co.

Petit rosemary Dijon lamb chop by Little Owl Catering.

Honey tapioca with native blueberries and candied corn in a spoon by Creative Edge Parties.

Peach and prosecco granité by Hudson Yards.

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Fancy Finger Food