Into the Wild

Camelias and peonies, $250 by Bridget Vizoso for the Designers’ Co-Op.
Photographs by Hannah Whitaker.

Hellebores, geranium leaves, bupleurum, garden roses, lady slipper orchids, hydrangeas, and ranunculus, $225 by Fleurs.

Peonies, mini phalaenopsis, Boston ferns, sword ferns, and Asplenium “Crispy Wave,’ $280 by Bridget Vizoso for the Designers’ Co-Op.

Narcissus, grape hyacinth, bergenia leaves, black begonia, and sweet bay leaves, $275 by LMD Lewis Miller Design.

Ranunculus, jasmine, peonies, fern leaves, ivy, and wax flower, $200 by Jody Perlberger.

Rosita Vendela’ roses, pink cymbidium orchids, fiddlehead ferns, seeded eucalyptus, and red Thai leaves, $200 by Jane Packer.

Green ranunculus, umbrella ferns, succulents, green cymbidium orchids, and rainbow ferns, $350 by Renny & Reed.

Peonies, spray roses, and scented geraniums, $175 by Elan Flowers.

Succulents, cymbidium orchids, poppies, hellebores, begonia leaves, viburnum, maiden ferns, and lindera citriodora, $275 by Takashimaya.

Hinoki yellow cypress, ranunculus, geraniums, leucadendron, eucalyptus, and olive branches, $200 by Saipua.

Into the Wild