All-in-One Workouts

Core Fusion Cardio at Exhale SpaPhoto: Courtesy of Exhale Spa

Core Fusion Cardio
If you’re stuck in a workout rut, trudging along on the elliptical watching AC360°, you need a fitness intervention. This class is designed to burn fat with lateral and up-and-down movements that utilize all muscle groups. If it sounds intense, it is, and even though weights are used, four pounds is the max, so you’re not adding bulk.
$35 per class at Exhale Spa, various locations; 212-249-3000

Fly ’n Flex
For those who find it hard to choose between a meditative yoga class and fat-burning cardio, Flywheel in the Flatiron district has made life simpler by combining the two. Either pre– or post–spin class, you can tack on a 30-minute yoga (or Pilates) class to stretch your tired muscles and outer hips.
$40 per class at Flywheel, 39 W. 21st St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-242-9433

Pilates with Props
This mat Pilates class, which tops out at six people, reshapes and lengthens your body while it de-stresses your mind. But be prepared to sweat: Instructors incorporate physio balls, foam rollers, and Pilates balls.
$25 per class at Erika Bloom Pilates Plus, 795 Madison Ave., nr. 67th St., second fl.; 212-288-3410

Shredding for the Wedding
David Barton’s two-month bridal training program includes five workouts per week complemented by nutritional coaching. Each day, the workout will target a specific part of your body: arms, legs, shoulders, chest, and, perhaps most important, the upper back. (It’s what the guests will be staring at for most of your ceremony.)
$2,500 for 25 private sessions and a two-month training membership at DavidBartonGym, Astor Place, 4 Astor Pl., nr. Broadway; 212-505-6800

SoulCycle Bands
Spin classes do wonders for your legs, but when you’re wearing a strapless gown, it’s all about the arms and back. To that end, this spinning studio offers an indoor cycling class that has the added benefits of a strength-training session. Using resistance bands that hang above their bikes, riders tone their abdominals, obliques, arms, and the all-important shoulder muscles.
$32 per class at SoulCycle, various locations; 212-406-1300

It’s hard enough to find a class that’s both challenging and fun, but to come across one that’s also constantly revamping the routine is even more rare. The intervals of cardio and resistance training during Sweat are always changing, so even if you’re on your tenth session, you’ll never know if the instructor will whip out kettlebells, undulation ropes, or some other contraption. $680 for six weeks (three sessions each week) at Clay Health Club + Spa, 25 W. 14th St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-206-9200

Belleon Body System
Your hour-long session begins with a warm-up and continues with up to eleven exercises that target arms, legs, and core with rounds of cardio in between, so it’s unlikely you’ll plateau. For optimal results, sign up for the six-week program (four classes per week). Classes are taught by owners Jeff Bell or Carlos Leon, who is better known in some circles as the father of Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes.
$750 for a six-week program at Bell Fitness Company, 12 St. Mark’s Pl., nr. Third Ave.; 212-226-5860

Some of the most effective workouts involve props—anything to distract from your remaining reps. In ViPR (pronounced “viper”), a hollow rubber tube is used for lifting, flipping, squatting, lunging, and reaching, so you’re left with a stronger core and better balance and agility. You’ll also burn calories and raise your metabolic rate, which will come in particularly handy after your wedding-cake tasting.
$50 per private session at Equinox, select locations; 212-620-0103

All-in-One Workouts